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We Are Error Interviews: Owlboy’s Adrian Bauer

We Are Error’s Christopher Herman and Jon Romo recently had the chance to speak with D-Pad Studio and Owlboy developer Adrian Bauer. Along with talking about his work as a developer, Brauer details his experiences making the game and its decade long development.

A 2-D platformer reminiscent of classic titles like Kid Icarus and Super Mario Bros, Owlboy follows Otus, a member of an owl–human hybrid species, who sets out on a journey to save his village and the world from a dangerous threat.

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Be sure to follow the entire Owlboy development team too!

Simon Stafsnes Andersen (Creator and Art Director) @SnakePixel
Jo-Remi Madsen (Programmer) @JoeyGames
Adrian Bauer (Artist and Designer) @AdrianGBauer
Jonathan Geer (Composer) @j0nmark
Henrik Stafsnes Andersen (Programmer) @Henriksnes
Julianne Royce (Merchandising Director) @RaptorJules

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