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MIT Student Short Film Focuses on Ironheart

MIT is awesome. Though most of the nerdy community already knows that, the university has been able to branch out even further with a new short film entitled Not All Heroes Wear Capes – but Some Carry Tubes. The movie is about Marvel superhero Riri Williams aka Ironheart. In the comics, she had taken the Iron Man mantle from Tony Stark and donned her own suit, which was later modified with help from him. One of the interesting aspects of the character is that she is an MIT student. The students of MIT, in partnership with the admissions department, created a short film starring Ironheart and her life at the university.


The story is a celebration of PIE Day, which is on March 14th and also the day that prospective students find out if they are accepted. New students also receive a metal tube as a gift that contains a surprise. The film focuses on Riri Williams and the various school activities from attending class to working on her Ironheart suit. It ends with her flying around and meeting with the admissions officer and picking up a cylinder to deliver to the new student. While the short is only a little over three minutes long and has no dialogue, there is plenty of punch. While the performances and direction are solid, the true standout detail is the CGI. It is surprising how well done it is and even the framing and interaction are on point.

Marvel has always made a point to place their universe in our world and now it is interesting to see an outcome of that detail. The students of MIT understood the beauty of the comics and utilized it to convey the many great qualities of their university and why learning about technology is awesome.

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