Digital Noise Episode 148: Snowed In


Chris and Joe take on the best and the worst of home releases this week with another episode of Digital Noise that has been officially designated by both the Vatican and the FBI’s “special cases” department as, “miraculous”. Listen to these two friends give you the best blu-ray/dvd show reviews on the planet.

BluSnowdenReview   BluHandmaidenReview   BluPeopleFritzBauerReview

Empty Space

BluManFellEarthReview   BluDannySaysReview   BluGimmeDangerReview

Empty Space

BluXRatedReview   BluNerdlandReview   BluSleepyHollowS3Review

Empty Space

BluBroadCityS3Review   BluTheMonsterReview   BluComeFindMeReview

Empty Space

BluUSSIndianapolisReview   BluTheAccountantReview

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2 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 148: Snowed In”

  1. You're Not My Supervisor

    I just had to comment to say having The Accountant as the pick of the week over The Handmaiden is completely ridiculous.

    1. And it would have been if they had bothered to put it on blu-ray and have extra features of any kind. Like I said.

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