Digital Noise Ep 135: Furry Freak Brothers


Richard and Marco set off for filmmaking adventure with a stack of movies about movies, Paul “Robocop” Verhoeven looking annoyed, and Richard Linklater reminiscing about college, plus some classic-ish animations, and a surprisingly massive pack of movies about our four-legged friends. Plus a truly classic pick of the week that feels more timely than ever, and a Tony Jaa kickfest giveaway with Kill Zone 2.

BluEverybodyWantsSomeReview   BluSwingingCheerleadersReview   BluTrickedReview

Empty Space

BluJustDessertsReview   BluRayHarryhausenReview   BluCoimixReview

Empty Space

BluReturnTomatoesReview   BluTakingPelham123Review   BluTheDresserReview

Empty Space

BluSutureReview   BluOxBowIncidentReview   BluBelladonnaSadnessReview

Empty Space

BluFantasticPlanetReview   Blu13CamerasReview   BluThePackReview

Empty Space

BluBoyCriedWerewolfReview   BluBadMoonReview   BluKillZone2Review

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1 thought on “Digital Noise Ep 135: Furry Freak Brothers”

  1. Michael Vanderpoel

    No new blood. Get some old blood back. Where is Johnny Neil? I miss his stories and insight.

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