Digital Noise Ep 115: The Show So Nice We Recorded It Twice


Brian and Johnny Neill love a good underdog story. This week, they stepped in the ring with Garageband and…promptly had their show knocked out seconds after recording. They picked themselves up off the mat and re-recorded their takes on Dark Blue, Mandingo, and the Criterion edition of The Brood.

To complete this hackneyed boxing metaphor, they giveaway a copy of Southpaw!

Ring the bell, lllllllllet’s get ready for DNNNNN!!!!!

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12 thoughts on “Digital Noise Ep 115: The Show So Nice We Recorded It Twice”

    1. Listening to it again Wednesday evening, and it plays through. I was playing it on the page here and not downloading. Tried it three times last night and kept freezing on the same spot… maybe it was my computer but don’t know why.

      Works now, all is good!

  1. Sort of Expansion Correction: I don’t think Cronenberg’s The Brood is so much about being afraid of being a father so much as it is about husbands losing their wives to their children and/or losing their wife’s attention to the attention the children will demand of her and the alienated rejected feelings the father feels from that completely new family dynamic, with a wasabi ball sized dollop of post parting depression on the edge of the plate.

  2. As someone that also doesn’t Gamergate, I appreciated Brian’s take as another outsider from the gaming world. Brian said so many things that I had been thinking for quite some time on this matter and I may have to track that documentary down now. Thank you.

  3. Someone please warn Richard… the “Flowers in the Attic” gift box set (all 4 movies) is now available at Walmart in Canada for just over $20.

    And please film his reaction, in case his head explodes.

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