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The ScreamCast: Digging Up The Mafia Style

This week Brian Saur joins us to talk Adam Green’s newest film DIGGING UP THE MARROW as well as Duke Miller’s absolutely insane MASSACRE MAFIA STYLE! We also introduce a new segment called “What’s On Your Doorstep” where we discuss some of the newest additions in our ever growing genre collections.

The Flicks:

Digging Up The Marrow (2014)
Director: Adam Green
Written By: Adam Green
Starring: Ray Wise, Adam Green, Will Barratt

Hailed as “a masterpiece” and “the scariest film of the past two decades” (UK Horror Scene) as well as receiving more glowing reviews from throughout the media world then we can possibly dig up and list here, DIGGING UP THE MARROW has now surpassed FROZEN as ArieScope’s best reviewed and highest praised film of all time.  Starring Ray Wise (TWIN PEAKS, ROBOCOP), Adam Green (HOLLISTON), and Will Barratt (HATCHET III) and featuring appearances from genre favorites like Kane Hodder, Tom Holland, Mick Garris, Don Coscarelli, Tony Todd, Lloyd Kaufman, Sarah Elbert, Josh Ethier, and the late Dave Brockie/“Oderus Urungus”, DIGGING UP THE MARROW is a creature feature that blends reality and fantasy into a unique cinematic experience like no other.  Inspired by the art of Alex Pardee and featuring a cast of creatures unlike any you have seen on film before, THE MARROW “will change the way you view the world” (Harry Knowles, AIN’T IT COOL NEWS).

Massacre Mafia Style (1978)
Director:Duke Mitchell
Written By: Duke Mitchell
Starring: Duke Mitchell, Vic Caesar, Lorenzo Dodo

Italian-American actor and nightclub singer Duke Mitchell wrote, produced, directed and starred in this homemade answer to THE GODFATHER, self-financed with earnings from his career as the self-proclaimed Mr. Palm Springs. Previously known for his Martin and Lewis act with Sammy Petrillo as seen in BELA LUGOSI MEETS A BROOKLYN GORILLA, Duke plays the ruthless son of a Mafia kingpin who blasts his way through Hollywood on a bloody crime spree. Promising more guts, more action, more dynamite than the Mario Puzo gangster classic, MASSACRE MAFIA STYLE delivers an onslaught of low-budget mayhem unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Grindhouse Releasing proudly presents the definitive release of the most violent movie ever made! 


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