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Highly Suspect Reviews: ‘Furious 7’ (At SXSW)

SXSW has always prided itself on a being a showcase of the best independent, foreign, and avant-garde cinema. However from time to time, they host the biggest movies Hollywood has to offer. We knew a couple of big studio comedies were scheduled to play this year, but when yesterday began with an announcement of a surprise screening of Furious 7, its first public screening ever, our collective pants got a little tighter.

Here now, (recorded) live from SXSW is our Highly Suspect Review of one of the year’s most anticipated movies. If you aren’t already of a fan of this franchise, you may not find much to like here. But for all you Fasties out there (we need a better name), this is pure gasoline candy.

Brian, Chris, and J.C. are joined by special guests Kyle Scott, our editor Thomas Mariani, and We’re Alive creator KC Wayland to talk about why Furious 7 got them all revved up. Download and listen to this special early review and get your pistons pumping!

*Apologies for the less-than-stellar audio quality, recording at festivals on the fly is chaos

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