Digital Noise Episode 72: Terrible Impressions, Great Blu-Rays


Some weeks may not have a lot of actual releases, but the intrepid Digital Noise team has a lot to say about them. This is one of those weeks, as Richard and Chris go into depth about releases like the new Stanley Kubrick Masterwork Collection, The Legend of Korra Book 3, Star Trek: TNG Season 7, Mr Smith Goes to Washington…hell, we’re all over the place, but in general, a week full of high quality stuff to watch. We seriously didn’t hate ANYTHING this week, and we deserve some sort of special award or something for that.

And you deserve a special award for being a fan of and Digital Noise so our giveaway this week is The Legend of Korra Season 3 set!

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Star Trek TNG Season 7 Bluray Review   Star Trek All Good Things Bluray Review   Justified Season 5 Bluray Review

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As Above So Below Bluray Review   The Congress Bluray Review   Mr Smith Goes To Washington Bluray Review

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Into The Woods Bluray Review   Copenhagen DVD Review

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Legend of Korra Book 3 Bluray Review



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2) Tweet at us with the answer to this hypothetical: If you were to reboot the Avatar film franchise, which director would you give it to?

3) Add #AvatarGiveaway

4) We’ll select our favorite answer and contact that winner via Twitter (open to U.S. residents only).

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924 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 72: Terrible Impressions, Great Blu-Rays”

  1. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is one of those older movies where its impact will have degraded over time, but once it gets to its pivotal scene you will be hard pressed not to well up with emotion.

  2. Answer to the giveaway is obvious. I would give it to me. What’s that you say? I have no experience as a director, or in the film industry at all? Well boo you. I quote my second choice for this project, QT, “I didn’t go to film school, I went to films.”

  3. Awesome podcast, and thanks for the early review of the Into The Woods movie.

    Also, say what you will about 2001, but it’s still a better movie than Interstellar.

  4. I’m going to be that guy who says that I love 2001: A Space Odyssey and Terrence Malick films just as much as any other movies. Partly that is me being a current film student and teacher, but I’ve always enjoyed very meditative films even before then. To each their own though.

    Good recommendations regardless though. Lots of great re-releases, especially Mr. Smith which is an all-time favorite of mine too.

  5. just watched 2001 again on the big screen and i’m sorry if you don’t appreciate the fucking perfection but the only thing i can fault was i noticed the views of earth from space were a bit blue and undefined BUT HE MADE 2001 in 1968 before they’d even put a man on the moon and looked back at our planet! The practical FX are absolutely staggering and if you don’t think there’s any plot? there’s ALL plot! all human plot EVER!

    1. We gave full credence to the quality of the production’s FX, especially considering how ground-breaking it was at the time, and how far reaching the film’s influence goes. That being said, you can ‘get’ something and what it’s trying to say and still find it ultimately a bit forced and hollow.

      1. Your pulling my plonker now Christopher! I’m imagining that quote on the poster and it’s making me weepy! 2001 ”Ultimately a bit forced and hollow”

  6. Jean-François Martel

    am i alone who feels Shelley Duvall’s performance was perfect for that role? I mean she plays the role of a woman stuck in an abusive relationship and already constantly on edge and then when her husband starts to lose it again she just goes in some sort of catatonic panic mode if it’s even possible. I dunno, she really got to me.

  7. Jean-François Martel

    i’m canadian so i can’t win but i will still give my ideas.

    Well first there is me, obviously, but only once i’ve gained enough experience and know how to work with a budget and such. But my more realistic ideas are Brad Bird, Guillermo Del Toro (as long as you get him a screenwriter that isn’t Travis Beacham, honestly i’d wanna have Brian and Mike, the writers of the series with a few of their strongest writers on the show), before Lone Ranger i would have wanted Gore Verbinski and i still think he’d do a good job but given all the characters in this are non-white i wouldn’t trust him with the racial sensitivity. Otherwise there is Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish, Gareth Evans

  8. Justified Season 5 was probably the weakest season, but had some great moments in it. The Canadian mobsters killed me.

      1. Will Sasso was also surprisingly funny. Justified has a great way of taking comedians and making them menacing yet still charming.

        Also, how great was it to see Alan Tudyk being a no-nonsense badass?

  9. Anybody who watches 2001 and either doesn’t get it, claims it isn’t about anything or that it has no plot has failed to fulfill their role as the observer.

    1. Or, it’s a movie that was highly influential at its time but when looked at with a modern lens is revealed to be horribly paced.

  10. You're Not My Supervisor

    Yeah, not going to say that you guys don’t get it when it comes to 2001 and Kubrick and general, but there is sort of cult around him as filmmaker unlike that of almost any other director. The coldness that some accuse his films of having has never bothered me personally.

  11. Bernadette Peters was the vocie of Rita in Animaniacs. They even did an episode that is similar to Le Mis and has some of her great singing.

  12. I think third season of “Legend of Korra” is way better then the first two (I’m sorry Chris but I found second season just boring and the characters got annoying, especially main heroine was way to much of a ‘big baby’ for me to root for) however I still found the show to be a step back from the “Last air bender”. It’s just doesn’t have the same epic vibe the original had and somewhat feels more forced…

    1. I agree. Season 2 is weak in so many areas, but it’s existence does have some merit by being great build up to Season 3. Season 3 was made so damn done and feels the most complete, actually having grasping on bigger things like the original Avatar did. Season 1 is fantastic too, but is hindered by the romance angle that got too much attention. But Season 3 is likely the season I’ll return to the most of Korra.

      1. It sure was “grasping” at bigger concepts. It just feel flat on its face in execution every time. I totally hate season 3 and 4. Season 2 had a giant blue and white god fighting a giant black and red one, and still it seemed a more complex and well set up conflict than anything in these last two seasons

  13. The Shining has the elevator of blood to symbolize a literal ocean of blood at the feet of the white Americans, as the movie is also pretty heavily symbolically about the oppression of native Americans . Its fucking crazy, and fucking crazy awesome. I honestly, after the vast improvements seen in the desolation of smaug extended cut, and the improvements to kingdom of heaven, I am more interested in the Directors cut of most films these days. Particularly with Exodus, hopefully its actually emotionally investing with that extra time, Smaug actually had a brilliant 30 minute masterwork in the middle of its longer cut that used to be a shitty low point. I refer to the Mirkwood scene. Its amazing in its full form, and so many conversations in the film make sense with their full form. The length doeskin bother me if it makes a better film

    1. Everyone involved with the film asked has pointedly said that the Native Americans thing isn’t there. The film Room 237 has some amusing ideas, but you really have to watch the accompanying q&a about it to put it in perspective.

      1. I think that’s what’s so great about art, artist intent doesn’t really mean everything when it comes to extracted themes and ideas. I will totally watch that q&a though, regardless of what was intended, I still look at that film as a statement about the cyclical nature of violence in history. The film is easily one of my favorites of Kubrick’s, tied with Spartacus in my mind, though I will say you can pretty much skip Lolita. It’s long as hell without much to engage you outside of the crazy mothers performance and the realistic way the relationship with a kid is handled. By the way, why wasn’t Spartacus included in this? I really enjoy most of those movies, but if anything qualifies as a “masterwork” shouldn’t it be the master epic?

  14. Hey, Bernadette Peters is doing good enough on the stage that she doesn’t need to do that much film or TV, so don’t cry for her. But I guess she’s dead now, since Richard said she was, so RIP Bernadette. You were great in THE JERK.

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