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Highly Suspect Reviews: ‘Annabelle’

“Hey, The Conjuring was a huge hit! How do we follow it up? Who doesn’t love a horror prequel?”

“Um, sir, our numbers say…no one.”

“Well how about if we do this…NONE of the original characters appear in the film. What do you say now, smart guy?”

“Sir, it seems to me that’s even worse. What even makes this connected to the first film?”

“The fuckin’ doll in the beginning, whatserface…anny or whatever. Make it about the doll. Goddamn Chucky was a license to print money. We’re gonna get in on that. Evil dolls, man.”

“Yes, erm….I gotta go update my Linked In profile…”

Brian and Chris cast a skeptical eye on this rather disconnected sorta prequel, sorta spin-off of The Conjuring. Much fun is had at its expense.

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