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Digital Noise Episode 66: Mark(ish) of the Beast

Richard and Chris bring you a marathon of titles this week covering the weird, wide, wild gamut. From crazy art sci-fi (LFO) to indie introspection (A Coffee in Berlin).

From box sets of classic horror (Vincent Price Collection 2) to being divided on direct-to-dvd horror sequels (See No Evil 2). From new genre classics (Snowpiercer) to old ones (My Darling Clementine). From…well, you get the idea. I could do this for another hour. For pity’s sake, just scroll down and look at all we’re bringing you this week on the most fun home release movie and TV podcast that exists!

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LFO DVD Review   Purge Anarchy Bluray Review  Kundo Bluray Review

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Snowpiercer Bluray Review   The Death Kiss Bluray Review   My Darling Clementine Bluray Review

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F for Fake Bluray Review   A Coffee in Berlin DVD Review  Life After Beth DVD Review

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See No Evil 2 Bluray Review   Penny Dreadful Season 1 Bluray Review   Vincent Price Collection Part II

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A Letter to Momo DVD Review




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