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Actor Training: Reflections

Over this past year, I’ve posted a number of articles on my time at Drama School. This, I promise, is the last. (for now).  It’s been an incredible year. I’ve met some great people and had some amazing opportunities which continue to this day. It’s also been a year of change, with finding myself recently single after a long term relationship. It’s been hard, fun, hilarious, tough and everything in between and I wanted to find a way to express even a fraction of it.

During our training, we were required to create weekly journals and a final reflective essay which explored development, improvement and the course overall. As part of that, I decided to shoot a short Documentary featuring myself and my colleagues. It originally wasn’t created to be consumed by anyone other than myself and colleagues, but after being offered to the opportunity to screen it at a Commonwealth event I decided to trim down the original 20 minute cut to a neat 10 minutes which you can watch below.

It’s not an amazing short film, in fact it’s very personal, but it does capture real people in the beginning of their professional training.

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