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Digital Noise Episode 41: All Men Must Explode

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What kind of men review Blu-rays on OneOfUs? Real men, who understand the value of a tough day’s work (of watching and talking about movies); men of both science and leisure. Interesting men like Brian Salisbury and Chris Cox. And when they’re wiping the hard-earned sweat off their brows and stripping off their sweat soaked Batman t-shirts at the end of those days toiling at the movie mines, Brian and Chris like to crack open a cold can of MonkeyBrew. That’s right, MonkeyBrew. The only beer approved by the best cat in the world, Monkey. I..wait, no stop, Brian, give me the keyboard back….ARRRGHHH

Sorry about that folks. What Chris was SUPPOSED to be telling you is, we’ve got a great show for you this week filled with amazing titles like William Friedkin’s Sorcerer, an in-depth documentary about the legendary and notorious Betty Page, a Don Siegel classic from Criterion Riot in Cell Block 11, and many more. And not one, but TWO giveaway titles this week. How can you resist the clarion call of the Digital Noise!


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Riot in Cell Block 11 Blu-ray Review   Seven Warriors Blu-ray Review   Wrong Cops DVD Review

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Chances Are Blu-ray Review   The Suspect DVD Review   Bettie Page Reveals All Blu-ray Review

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Sorcerer Blu-ray Review   The Pawnbroker Blu-ray Review   Big Bad Wolves Blu-ray Review

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Dr Who Web of Fear DVD Review   Barefoot DVD Review

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 How To Win This Week’s Barefoot Giveaway:

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