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Digital Noise Episode 37: Criterion Collectors

Brian and Chris had intended to pull April Fools pranks on one another, both because of the date and because of their shared love for 80s horror, but fate had other plans. Turns out the joke was ultimately on them as technical difficulties delayed the episode’s posting until April 2nd. Well played, universe.

Still, this week’s lineup is no joke. Not only are two of last year’s major Oscar contenders reviewed (Saving Mr. Banks & The Wolf of Wall Street), and not only is another great MST3K set examined, but the guys also discuss not one, not two, but THREE Criterion Blu-rays. I know! It’s insane!

Mix that all together with a giveaway blast from the past, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic episode no matter what day you happen to hear it.


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Saving Mr Banks Blu-ray Review   The Great Beauty Blu-ray Review   The Freshman Blu-ray Review

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The Hidden Fortress Blu-ray Review   Chinese Zodiac Blu-ray Review   Wolf of Wall Street Blu-ray Review

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Beneath Blu-ray Review   Avengers Confidential Blu-ray Review   Welcome to the Jungle Blu-ray Review

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Ms 45 Blu-ray Review   MST3K XXIX DVD Review   The Swimmer Blu-ray Review

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Continuum w time   Veep S2 Blu-ray Review   The Past Blu-ray Review

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Best of Bogart Blu-ray Review   Wonderwall Blu-ray Review   This is the End w time



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3.) Add #ThisIsTheEndGiveaway

4.) We’ll select our favorite and contact that winner via Twitter (open to U.S. Residents only)