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Jerry Bruckheimer Rides Into the Danger Zone With Paramount Pictures

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To quote on oft-cited Archer routine, we’re riding into the danger zone once again, courtesy of acclaimed producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Bruckheimer has signed a large-scale production deal with Paramount, loosening his long-term ties with Disney. The deal is a first look, three year agreement that will start up in 2014. Notably, there are two major sequels included in Paramount’s new contract with Bruckheimer.

The first movie is Beverly Hills Cops 4, which will return Eddie Murphy to the franchise as Axel Foley. It has been reported that the script is being written by Andre-Nemec and Josh Applebaum, the writing duo behind Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and the soon to be released Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. The second film in the contract is Top Gun 2 and like Eddie Murphy,  Tom Cruise will be reprising his iconic role in the sequel. While Bruckheimer has decided not to renew his deal with Disney, the producer and the House of Mouse will still work together on a few films, such as the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

Securing Bruckheimer is a monumental gain for Paramount. He has worked on many successful films as National Treasure, Remember the Titans, and the entirety of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. He is also a decorated producer, with six Academy Awards and four Golden Globes to his name, along with numerous nominations. He has made billions in sales and in the US alone, nineteen of his films have made over a hundred million dollars at the box office. It is safe to say the man brings home the bacon. While his films have been met with mixed reviews, he is known for making those high numbers the studios love.

Bruckheimer isn’t among my favorite producers. While he’s done some good work, his movies are very hit-or-miss with me and a lot of his more recent films have been closer to the miss side of the equation. Still, he is always someone to keep an eye on. I do have to wonder where the Top Gun and Beverly Hills Cops franchises will go considering how long it’s been since the last entries in each series. At least this might give Archer one more reason to go to the danger zone, as if he needs one.

What do you guys think of Jerry Bruckheimer’s film career? Are you glad he is pulling away from Disney and working closely with Paramount? Give us your opinions in the comments!

Source: Screen Daily