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Oliver Stone Has a Dream: To make M.L.K. Foxxy

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and go to the theater and watch my movies and say: ‘We hold these films to be amazing; all films are not created equal.’

I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former movie goers, and the sons of former popcorn eaters will be able to sit down together on the couch of movie night.

I have a dream that one day even the city of Hollywood, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will allow me to make Martin Luther King Foxxy” – Not Oliver Stone

Greetings OOU.netties! (I decided to switch it up), It seems that Oliver Stone, director of a diverse set of films from the likes of Platoon to Savages wants to create a foxy duo with foxy Jamie Foxx (can I say foxy one more time? It just sounds so sexy). The Wrap wrap-ports that:

“DreamWorks acquired the rights to King’s story in 2009 along with the rights to his “I Have a Dream” speech. In April 2011, the company decided to team up with Warner Bros., which had been developing its own MLK movie with Salem, who spent three years doing research and interviews to inform his screenplay.”

It is also said that:

“Steven Spielberg will produce for DreamWorks along with Suzanne de Passe, Madison Jones and Sam Nappi, while several members of the King family are expected to serve as executive producers on the project.”

Hm, this is another headscratcher. It seems that there will indeed be TWO Martin Luther King films. This one, and one by The Bourne Supremecy director Paul Greengrass, which has Forest Whitaker set to star. (I wonder who would win in a staring contest pie eating contest) Let’s first talk about Oliver Stone as a director.

Our Buddy Ollie Stone has an interesting taste in projects. Platoon, is a serious drama about the Vietnam War, staring Oscar ‘WINNING’ former cocaine addict actor Charlie Sheen (was that joke still relevant?). The film itself is a classic, and although some may say that it was overrated, I personally found it to be compelling. Later down his career, we got Natural Born Killers that seems to glorify violence and sociopaths, and is seriously really weird. I still enjoyed it, but when watching two psychopaths go about a killing spree with crazy uses of green screen and laugh tracks make my head spin. So yeah, kind of a big jump in style. (dat Hiesenburg Blue Sky) And now he wants to make a Martin Luther King movie? Maybe the people that assassinated him were the Grandfathers of the characters in Killers. Regardless, it’s not a bad choice per say, it’s just a bizarre one. Who knows, maybe he’ll surprise us all and it will end up being a’ tour de force!’

As for the actor choice, I’m not completely sold. It’s not that he’s a bad actor, it’s just when I see M.L.K., he just has this sweet cuddliness to him. Honestly, Michael J. Fox Jamie Foxx (I keep misspelling his name by adding an extra Parkinson’s Disease. *yikes*) does have that kind of humbleness to him. In Django, yeah sure he was a slave, but even in a role where he is supposed to be submissive, he has the ambition for revenge and freedom. This is the opposite vibe of who M.L.K. is. Sure, he was preachy to say the least, but he just seems like a reall sweet guy, and Forest Whitaker can pull that off. Also, when I say ‘To make M.L.K. Foxxy”, I mean that both literally and figuratively (I tend to do that a lot). Simply put, Jamie Foxx just seems too pretty to be having the dream. And now I say foxy one more time, and pack my soapbox away, and walk down the path of shame.

So what do you think OOUies? Who would win in a pie eating contest? What do you think of these styles? How many times did I say foxy? Comment below, let One of Us know!

Via The Wrap