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Digital Noise Episode 15: The Nerds Are Running The Asylum

What’s that noise you hear coming from the attic? Why, it’s DIGITAL NOISE, of course, and yes, you should be afraid. Because it’s October, dammit, and we’ve got lots of spooky stuff that just came out on Blu-ray and DVD to talk about, as well as some classics, comedy, and just the usual veritable plethora running the gamut from awesome to awful that you expect each week from your Digi-noisecasting hosts!

Plus, a ghastly giveaway featuring an iconic pint-sized slasher!

Tune in…if you dare.

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The Purge Blu-ray Review  Europa Report Blu-ray Review  Much Ado Blu-ray Review

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Meaning of Life Blu-ray Review   The Exorcist Blu-ray Review   From Here to Eternity Blu-ray Review

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American Horror Story Blu-ray Review   The Guild Season 6 w time   The Guild Complete Set w time

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Robot Chicken Season 6 Blu-ray Review   Evening at the Improv w time   Zombie Hunter Blu-ray Review

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Resolution Blu-ray Review   Static Blu-ray Review   Secret of Crickley Hall w time

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Chucky Complete Collection Blu-ray Review   Curse of Chucky Blu-ray Review


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