Digital Noise Episode 15: The Nerds Are Running The Asylum


What’s that noise you hear coming from the attic? Why, it’s DIGITAL NOISE, of course, and yes, you should be afraid. Because it’s October, dammit, and we’ve got lots of spooky stuff that just came out on Blu-ray and DVD to talk about, as well as some classics, comedy, and just the usual veritable plethora running the gamut from awesome to awful that you expect each week from your Digi-noisecasting hosts!

Plus, a ghastly giveaway featuring an iconic pint-sized slasher!

Tune in…if you dare.

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The Purge Blu-ray Review  Europa Report Blu-ray Review  Much Ado Blu-ray Review

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Meaning of Life Blu-ray Review   The Exorcist Blu-ray Review   From Here to Eternity Blu-ray Review

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American Horror Story Blu-ray Review   The Guild Season 6 w time   The Guild Complete Set w time

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Robot Chicken Season 6 Blu-ray Review   Evening at the Improv w time   Zombie Hunter Blu-ray Review

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Resolution Blu-ray Review   Static Blu-ray Review   Secret of Crickley Hall w time

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Chucky Complete Collection Blu-ray Review   Curse of Chucky Blu-ray Review


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516 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 15: The Nerds Are Running The Asylum”

  1. Yes more Digital Noise also Chris i know you and Brian are cyborgs created my Luke since i am a bond villain i have such knowledge of these things

  2. This is for the Curse of Chucky blu ray.
    When I was small my cousin had a Roger Rabbit doll that I desperately wanted so bad, so I asked her if I could borrow it so I can have for a couple of days. Big mistake! Apparently this doll I wouldnt say was evil but was very very bad luck. My cousins father had just gone to prison right after she had given me the doll and all these bad things started happening, we went on a roadtrip to Houston to go visit my dads family and the room where I stayed at was extremely cold, my mom got extremely sick and stayed in the room the entire trip and would not get out of bed, when I went outside to go see my uncle he accidentally cut off his thumb with saw cutter and had to be rushed to the hospital right away, I still had the doll with me and throughout the entire time i just sensed this gloom feeling especially after I was left outside the backyard with two black dogs that my unlcle had, they started attacking the roger rabbit doll and ripped off one of its ears. The other dog got the doll and ran off with it, when my aunt tried to find where her dog ran off too he had been runned over with the doll on the side of him. My aunt told me to leave the doll alone since she said the doll was covered in blood and was dirty, I assumed maybe she also had a feeling the doll was cursed or something with all these bad things happening. Well thats my story, BEER!

  3. Hell you guys think Danny Trejo’s busy? Go look at Eric Roberts IMDb. If you’re an actor who does B through Z movies and you’re out of work, its because Eric Roberts took all the jobs.

  4. Awesome as per usual! For creepy toys…I had to spend a summer at my cousins house when i was 11 or 12 (side note…my cousin was renting the house from Alice Cooper) The room was a stark white room with a full size bed and at the end of bed….there was a dresser with a ton of stuffed animals on it. In the middle of all the stuffed animals was a clown that looked just like the clown from Poltergeist. Im not a scared of clowns, but that one creeped me the f*ck out! I swear it was looking at me as I slept, I think I even moved it and it moved back (I think my cousin was torturing me!)

  5. Once upon a dark October, listening to Cliffs of Dover,
    In a dark dank dungeon of sleeping and bore.
    While I played with knockoff toys, Spiderdude, He Boy, and Lara Croft
    There was something big and soft, a peculiar one I have never seen before.
    ‘Tis a new one’ I muttered, “Mom must have got it from the store’
    That was it and nothing more.

    As I was asleeping, dreaming, kicking, turning, wheezing
    And each plaything put in its place on my floor
    Even on this tradition, my mind grew to suspicion
    That it was it’s ambition that this new plaything had moved itself off my floor
    I jolted up and saw it there, motionless, staring, nothing more
    Back to bed from the white pine door, I muttered to my self, ignore.

    Presently, my heart beat faster, my sweat beaded down like a typhoon disaster.
    I felt its presence like a sore, the ones that are pustuled that I abhor.
    Feeling it’s presence suffocate my being, my mind trying, fight or fleeing,
    Paralyzed even though I was peeing, this big furry plaything I do deplore
    With all my strength I lifted my head, saw it still staring, lying motionless on the floor.
    My muscles ached as I got to heave the wretched plaything in my drawer, saying to myself, ‘ignore’.

    Even in the noxious space, I felt its muffled power embrace
    Tying me in its web of shame I could not restore,
    Eagerly I wished to end it, bury it,kill it, sever it, burn it,
    I wish to cauterize the wound it bestowed upon my humble decor.
    Even though my mom had bought it, I had to end the evil within my putrid drawer.
    I laid a knife unto the purple fuzzy playing that I do deplore, and screamed at Barney, IGNORE!

  6. Hey guys I rarely post stuff on the podcasts I listen to like on spill,lounge geeks, or roosterteeth but since you guys reviewed curse of chucky, I felt like writing my story about chucky. I been listening to you guys since the first episode of the first version of this show. I listened to every episode and still keep listening to this show even though I don’t have a blu-ray because you guys are awesome. You guys made my tuesday always better. Now here is my chucky story. When I was growing up, I was scared of the chucky stitched up version thinking that was always him. Every time I saw him at the mall in front of a spencers store, I would either run away or start crying. One day when I was 12, I went to blockbuster and rented the first child’s play film and sat down and watched it. I fucking loved it. My fear went away and I now love all of them. When I saw curse of chucky, I had the biggest smile on my face. Also I like seed of chucky equally as bride of chucky but I love the first 3 better. Yes, even child’s play 3. So I was happy that you guys ended up liking the movie. So thanks for all your hard work and I am a huge fan of yours. Hope you guys keep enjoying making these podcast for us and have a great day. P.S for brian: I fucking hate project X as much as you do.

    P.P.S Pet Semetary was one of the first of many horror movie that I watched so I kinda love it a lot more than you guys

    Keep calm and keep watching

  7. Re: Brian’s three Halloween ‘picks’… Which “Trick or Treat”, the 2006 anthology or the 1986 one that starred Skippy from “Family Ties”?

        1. Michael-Orian Bockus

          Was worth a try, I knew Remote Viewing did not ship to Canada, but was not sure about your new format.

  8. At Fantastic Fest I asked Roxanne Benjamin why VHS2 had an unrated/rated blu-ray release like Curse of Chucky and the answer is because Wal-Mart won’t sell a straight unrated movie.

  9. Ok, so when I was younger and Pizza Hut sold kids toys my parents bought one for me. To be more specific, the toy was the character of Magellan from the Nickelodeon show Eureecka’s Castle. Now, I begged and pleaded for my parents to purchase me this cheap plastic hand puppet, and after kicking and screaming they’d finally caved. That night, I placed him on top of my VCR and attempted to fall asleep. However, it seems my mind had other ideas as I kept hearing an eriErie chuckle. This chuckle sounded very similar to the one Magellan made on the show, only dark and demented. When in looked over at it, I didn’t hear any noises, but his dead eyes and goofy smile weree just as creepy. This went on for several nights, until one weird time and looked over at my VCR. Now, keep in mind I had not moved this puppet the entire time out of sheer terror. With that said, I had about shat by trousers as I looked on the ground only to see the hand puppet next to my daybed. I ran and cryed to my parents, who insisted I grow up and go to sleep. As soon as I walked back into my room, I grabbed Magellan and threw it in the closet. Next in pushed my toy chest up to the door making a terrible barracade. I thought I was safe, until I came home from school the next day. I came home and walked into my room only to stare the Magellan puppet right in its eyes. He sat on my VCR, still as if I had never moved it. My closet door, was swung open with the toy chest thrown half way across the room. I just sat in the living room until my older sister got home. Now, in hindsight my mother probably went into the closet to pick out my closes, @saw the hand puppet and put it where I could see it. But at the time all I could think of were seens from that puppetmaster movie I’d seen weeks earlier.

  10. Once, when I was very young, just a wee lad, like 22. I was lying in bed fast asleep at 2 am, when the bulb in my night light went out. I awoke in the dark just in time to see the lighting illuminate the face of the Mickey Mouse talking doll. The kind you put a cassette tape into like Teddy Ruxbin. You see, Mickey was standing at the food of my bed. Red stains covering the rim of his mouth. “ah, my brother must have set him up there just to scare me.” I thought. But then I remembered I didn’t have a brother. “I’m sure those red stains are from ravioli night.” This thought would have soothed me right to sleep if it hadn’t been for the fact that Mickey was coming towards me with a knife raised high above his head, with the widest smile across his face I had ever seen. “Well, at least he’s pleased to see me” I thought. “Mickey? What are you doing old chum? I didn’t know you could walk of your own volition.” As the knife came down and the blood splashed onto his wide smile and the tape in his chest began to play “When You Wish Upon a Star”, I had just enough time before all went black to think to myself. “I haven’t seen Pinocchio in fucking forever.”

  11. I have a story regarding the single most terrifying creature made by nature or by man, that has haunted many for generations. The Furby. My grandmother got one that hooks up to her iPad, and the evil thing just kept making noises and all that horrible stuff-it was creepy. Well one night I had to spend the night at her house (parents divorce and all that wonderful stuff), and somehow someway the Furby was in my room, right on the dresser. I think my grandmother just didn’t know how terrible it was, but it was on and working and it kept talking. A lot of things don’t scare me (for example, Gravity was the most terrifying thing this year for me, even though stuff like The Conjuring and VHS2), but this thing was horrifying. Finally I got up and took the batteries out, and the THING STILL KEPT GOING! Apparently a lot of Furbies do this, they keep going after the batteries are gone for a long time…it’s terrible. Eventually I gave up and ended up putting the damn thing in the shower, but whenever my music was transitioning sometimes I could hear it, quietly, demonically…I hate Furbies.

  12. I never like those Ferbies for I have seen Gremlins and those looked too similar to the creatures from that movie.

  13. This is definitely a rather unusual scary toy story but here it goes,
    I was probably about 6 or 7 and my sister had this weird stuffed Rosie O’Donnell doll which wasn’t really scary itself but it was one of those talking dolls that sometimes have creepy voices. So of course my sister would constantly fuck with me, telling me stories and using it to scare me by essentially waiting until I was going to bed and then walk in and push Rosie’s stomach to hear her creepy voice say “Dreams come true with Rosie”.

  14. Oscar Baldassari-Vera

    One of my friends had a collection of porcelain dolls. they were staring at me and I think that one was turning their head and looked at me in the night.

  15. And the winners for the Curse of Chucky giveaway are…Burt Kocaine and Jew Jitsu!

    Please send an email to with your mailing addresses and your screen name.

    Thanks to all who participated.

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