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OneOfUs.SHOW Is On The Air!

Introducing OneOfUs.Net’s interview series OneOfUs.SHOW. We’ll be covering a wide range of niche interests; sampling a plethora of geek universes with the help of some excellent guests. They may not be the “leading experts” in these fields, but more importantly they are some of the most passionate about their facets of geekdom.

From Magic the Gathering to model-building, larping to b-movies, it’s amazing how many different things people can geek out over. We’ll investigate all these worlds and introduce you to a gaggle of folks who are definitely One Of Us.

For our inaugural episode, we chat with film producer Paul Gandersman (Arcanum Pictures) about collecting vinyl. Paul brings along some of his favorite albums and does some premium hi-fi nerding out.

Give it a spin!


Oh, but wait, you can also view the show on YouTube!