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Infinite Variations: Chapter 1-Things That Go Bump In The Night

Introducing OneOfUs.Net’s ongoing episodic sci-fi radio comedy: Infinite Variations.

Our heroes, a thrown-together band of representatives from various branches of geekdom, awake to find themselves in a rather awkward position…lightyears outside of our known galaxy in fact.

Who are these outcasts? Will they be able to crack the mystery of their arrival on this vessel and steer themselves back to more familiar settings?

Enjoy the first chapter? Then stay tuned for the further adventures of Infinite Variations!



Kara–Catherine Burke O’Malley (Twitter) (Facebook)

Gene–Chris Cox (Twitter) (Facebook)

Rory–John Gholson (Twitter) (Gutters & Panels)

Lucas–Luke Mullen (Twitter)

Jayne–Ashley Moreno (Twitter)

J.R.–Harris O’Malley (Twitter)

Cal–David Beaumont Paul (Loose Canon Comics)

Todd–Brian Salisbury (Twitter) (Facebook)

Narrator–C. Robert Cargill (Twitter)

Voice of the Ship–Courtney Stollon (Twitter)



Promotional Consideration for Infinite Variations is Provide by Blogman’s Beardwax

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