Infinite Variations: Chapter 1-Things That Go Bump In The Night


Introducing OneOfUs.Net’s ongoing episodic sci-fi radio comedy: Infinite Variations.

Our heroes, a thrown-together band of representatives from various branches of geekdom, awake to find themselves in a rather awkward position…lightyears outside of our known galaxy in fact.

Who are these outcasts? Will they be able to crack the mystery of their arrival on this vessel and steer themselves back to more familiar settings?

Enjoy the first chapter? Then stay tuned for the further adventures of Infinite Variations!



Kara–Catherine Burke O’Malley (Twitter) (Facebook)

Gene–Chris Cox (Twitter) (Facebook)

Rory–John Gholson (Twitter) (Gutters & Panels)

Lucas–Luke Mullen (Twitter)

Jayne–Ashley Moreno (Twitter)

J.R.–Harris O’Malley (Twitter)

Cal–David Beaumont Paul (Loose Canon Comics)

Todd–Brian Salisbury (Twitter) (Facebook)

Narrator–C. Robert Cargill (Twitter)

Voice of the Ship–Courtney Stollon (Twitter)



Promotional Consideration for Infinite Variations is Provide by Blogman’s Beardwax

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2,885 thoughts on “Infinite Variations: Chapter 1-Things That Go Bump In The Night”

  1. Well that was downright brilliant! Awesome stuff, guys. Can’t wait for the next one.

    Also, if anyone could list what category of Geekdom each character is representing that would be super. I know some of them, but I also know there’s a couple i’m not getting.

  2. That was pretty damm awesome. 😀 I like how snappy and quick the script is, and how well you all did on the first episode. I’m not even going to bring up nit-picks since I know things will keep improving as time goes on. Well done on starting up the radio drama, can’t wait to see where this goes!

  3. Bravo on the concept guys, but may I kindly suggest taking the time to absorb some of the old classic radio comedies of years gone past?

    Every character felt like the exact same person – someone out of an early Kevin Smith film who talks way too fast. There was no breathing room, no definable differentiation between who was who, or any reason for me to care about any of them.

    Slow down everyone. Give room for laughs, since you’ve got some funny material in there, and work on defining who each person is and why. You shouldn’t need a visual aid for me to differentiate who is who. This should be apparent by what they say, and how they act. Hell, think about tossing in a laugh track, like the best of the old radio comedies did.

    Also don’t forego the sound engineering. The echo was distracting, as were the varying levels of voice and the blow-outs during loud periods. Todd was far louder than anyone else. Better use of music and sound effects would bring this whole thing to life. Maybe humming of engines or beeping of a ships computer? I would suggest finding a sound engineer who would like to be part of creating something as distinctive and interesting as this show can be.

    Your director and your actors should all do some homework and listen to some choice, selected radio programs. You can find many here:

    A good number of these still stand the test of time.

    Please, avoid the hubris of thinking this is a trolling comment. This is constructive criticism that you need to read, because you should be applauded for the ingenuity of doing something like this in the geekspace, where most people would have just popped up a camera and done another video podcast.

    If you’re going to do it, though, you should make it legendary. With the talent you have assembled, that should be easy to do. Until next time!

  4. This kind of thing wouldn’t usually float my boat, but you guys have yet to let me down on this site and the cast list is freaking sweet!!!!! Seems like you all are putting a lot of time and energy into this. Thanks for another fantastic podcast!

  5. Hm…’s alright so far. I appreciate the ambition for doing a radio show and with some tweaking this could be a great feature for the site. That said, I have to say a few thoughts on it.

    I will highlight some praise in saying that there are quite a few funny moments. Oh my Joss was a great line and several other moments really cracked me up. I think that Harris, David and John are the better actors in the group and they did a pretty good job selling their performance on a whole. Cargill was a terrific narrator choice too! And I think some of the music and sound effects really work too.

    Now…you guys clearly have a lot of energy going into this. I like that you all have very distinct voices so we can tell who is who just by listening. That said….I don’t think you are all the best actors yet. You focus a lot on trying to be fast and funny, which does work here and there in this recording like the Oh My Joss line, but there is not a whole lot of character to your voices outside of what we already know about you guys. It sounds like a wacky LEOG recording of Chris, Brian, Cat, Luke, John and everyone else having a long snappy comeback conversation. When you guys are relaxed and naturally telling jokes, you are hysterical. It’s what makes Spill, One of Us, Rage Select and the related podcasts so fun. Trying to play up the jokes can come off as too much.

    If I were to point to a reference to help improve, there was that terrific playthrough you guys did of Fiasco back in the LEOG days where, even though you jumped in and out of character, you managed to really sell the wacky personalities you created. Plus, the way you built those characters with distinct quirks, needs and behavior helped create a diverse cast.

    One main reason why it doesn’t work, as a previous commenter mentioned, is that everyone talks and behaves very similarly. They’re all spouting off zingers and wacky lines, but it sounds all the same after a while. I can’t even really tell what geekdom each person is supposed to be outside of the obvious references.

    And aside from that, you can also tighten up the writing. I know you have to explain a bit more because it is an audio story, but sometimes you can imply thoughts, locations or actions more subtly. A character’s reaction, a well placed sound effect, a pause in the conversation and more can speak volumes more than spelling everything out.

    Now that I tried to nicely explain any complaints, let me try to suggest possible ways to improve.

    1.) Really nail down distinct characters. You could always use a character builder like for Fiasco or any character trait sheet for other games. When we can listen to the podcast and say “Oh Todd, he always does something like that,” that really makes the experience more enjoyable.

    2.) Slow down. I don’t know if it is true or not, but you all can sometimes sound nervous when doing these parts. Take a breath, slow down on the rapid fire jokes and just feel comfortable in the role. It always works more to do an organic and smooth flowing performance than trying to be funny.

    3.) Use references wisely. I think it’s ok to be overt with the references in this first episode, but don’t rely too much on just using references for character or comedy.

    4.) Stand alones? Sometimes a great character can develop on their own rather than in a huge ensemble. Not sure what your plans for writing this are, but perhaps you can pair off characters in twos or threes on their own to help explore them further. Give them a chance to show why we should invest in them.

    5.) Don’t TRY to be funny. One thing that will really help your performances is not trying to be funny. A great character or performance where we laugh because they act like themselves. Just be the character you develop and you’ll be funnier.

    This seriously has a lot of potential. It may have just sounded like all I did was complain, but I think you guys are very funny on the whole. Give this a bit more development and it could really be something more. Don’t approach this as trying to make a comedy show. Approach this like it is a true genuine story that is also funny.

  6. Is this a weekly show? When will episode 2 be out? WILL LASSIE GET TO THE SHERIFF IN TIME TO SAVE LITTLE TIMMY!?!?!

  7. Wow, I didn’t expect a new radio drama from you guys! Very exciting. Keep working at the characters and whatnot and I think you’ll have something special here.

    The ‘History Eraser Button’ was the reference du jour by my tastes!

  8. So… many… geek-culture references… nerd-gasm overload!!

    Several lol moments for me, and I really like the set-up (perfect for the site of course), though it seems strange there is no Star Trek Guy in the rag-tag band of misfits – will he be revealed as their nemesis perhaps in a future episode? A…. Star Trek Nemesis?

  9. Steve Guzman Hernandez

    This was hilarious! I laughed out loud on several occasions. And the concept of bringing geeks from different time periods is really original. Cant wait for more. Good work.

  10. Don’t you imagine Gargill in a suit with a cigarette like Rod Serling from the Twilight Zone.

  11. Good start. Keep up the good work. You’re making me flaskback to a) watching old school sci fi b) doing radio in college and c) the beginning of various gaming campaigns. Everything is new, no one is sure what the hell is gonna happen, but we’re all really excited.

  12. Firstly this needs some work, the cast is pretty big for an introductory episode and some of the voices were a little hard to make out. It was a bit all over the place in terms of line delivery, Chris was notably so, both great and bad. Sound effects didn’t seam to take place in the same environment as the actors, it might been the higher quality but I think mostly lack of reverb. I hate audio, I can never get it right, you might want to do the early Red vs Blue thing and record in a closert filled with clothes to get a nice clean input (I’m sure you know this).

    If I was a longtime fan of the cast I wouldn’t of listened to the end.
    Hopefully episode 2 will improve and feature a smaller cast.

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