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Deliberations of Doom

Hosts: Chris Cox, Patience Robinson-Campos, Phillip Guzman, Russ Summers & Rob Summers

Deliberations of Doom is a deep-cut podcast about horror, examining the filmography of the great directors, asking questions about the genre, and reviewing new releases.

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 Deliberations of Doom Episode 22: DARIO ARGENTO PT 2

This is a long one, get ready. Largely because when dividing up the topic into two episodes, I didn’t take into account just for how long we would all just spooge over how great Suspiria is. Well, regardless, we continue our discussion of the Italian horror maestro with Suspiria, Tenebrae, Phenomena, Opera, and The Stendahl Syndrome.

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 Deliberations of Doom Episode 21: DARIO ARGENTO PT 1

In which the long-discussed episode covering Italian horror maestro Dario Argento finally comes to pass. In this part the first, we talk about The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, Four Flies on Grey Velvet, and Deep Red. Empty Space

 Deliberations of Doom Episode 20: Alien Horror Part 3

The Doom Patrol rounds out their discussion of alien horror movies with Almost Human, Under the Skin, Honeymoon, and a listener request, Life.

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 Deliberations of Doom Episode 19: Alien Horror Part 2

This week the Doom Patrol continues its steadily more inebriated voyage into the world of Alien Horror films (discussing Quatermass and the Pit, Pitch Black, and Altered), but first, we talk a bit about a new book that just came out called Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror on Film and Television.

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 Deliberations of Doom Episode 18: Alien Horror Part 1

Our horror crew takes on a bit of science fiction as they delve into the films they saw at Other Worlds festival in Austin, and then they get started on the topic du jour: Alien horror films, this round talking about The Day of the Triffids and Planet of the Vampires.

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 Deliberations of Doom Episode 16: Clive Barker Movies Pt 2

Your favorite doomy types return with the second half of our Clive Barker movies profile, this time getting into Candyman, Lord of Illusions, The Midnight Meat Train, Book of Blood, and Dread. We promise many more rants and major disagreements this time around.

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 Deliberations of Doom Episode 16: Clive Barker Movies Pt 1

Remember Clive Barker? The guy who sold a LOT of books when his career exploded across the US with those Books of Blood short story collections with the blurb from Steven King on the cover: “I have seen the future of horror and his name is Clive Barker”. Strong words. And then after we were all a-ga-ga over these incredibly bloody and dark stories, getting all crazy for Hellraiser? Well, did you know he did a bunch of films after that? I mean, other than Hellraiser sequels? Even a few before? That’s what the Doom Patrol is here for, kiddos, so strap in and listen to the first part of their Movies of Clive Barker discussion. Fun is guaranteed.

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 Highly Suspect Reviews/Deliberations of Doom: Mindhunter Season 1

The Doom Patrol take on the spoiler review for the first season of Netflix’s Mindhunter. Check out Chris, Patience, Rob, Russ, and Phil discuss the pros and cons of this David Fincher produced period piece show about the beginnings of modern-day serial killer profiling.

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 Deliberations of Doom Ep 15 – 90’s Horror Part Two

Horror is our business and business is good. But it sure was different back in the 1990s. We examine some more of our favorites from the decade only this time, The Doom Patrol ain’t exactly on the same page about all of them. Come on, you know you love to hear us squabble!

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 Deliberations of Doom Ep 14 – 90’s Horror Part One

The Doom Patrol decided it was time to take a look at some of the more underappreciated horror films from the 1990s. And, of course, it took two shows. Starting out with a fan recommendation (give us more!) we dive into darkness. As is our wont.

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 Deliberations of Doom Ep 13 – Stephen King Movies Pt 2

We’re back with the second half (the longer one) of our show about some of the lesser-discussed (but not claw-your-eyes-out-in-pain-bad) Stephen King film adaptations. The Doom Patrol discusses Maximum Overdrive, Needful Things, The Mangler, 1408, and The Night Flier. If you missed the first part of our Stephen King show you can listen to it here.

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 Deliberations of Doom Ep 12 – Stephen King Movies Pt 1

The Doom Patrol Assembles! This week is the first half of our discussion about the films adapted from Stephen King novels. But we’re not taking the easy way through. No sir. Everybody has already talked about the GOOD ones to death. You know, The Shining, Misery, etc. We give our lip service to his horror films maybe you don’t hear as much about anymore.

This is just part one so we prelude with a bit of a discussion about The Summers Brothers trip to present their horror short Couples Night at the Fantasia film festival and then lead into the bigger topic talking a bit about the disappointment that was The Dark Tower and anticipation for IT. And hilarity ensues.

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 Deliberations of Doom Ep 11 – Vampires Pt 2

The Doom Patrol returns for the second half of their discussion about some of their favorite off-the-beaten-track vampire movies.

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 Deliberations of Doom Ep 10 – Vampires Pt 1

The Doom Patrol (Chris, Patience, Russell, Rob, and Phil) take on the horror topic of vampires and all agree to pick some movies they dig that aren’t always the first ones you think of when it comes to vampire movies. Check out part one of our take on vampire movies starting with a new theme song, our weekly look at a new horror film (The Belko Experiment), an introduction with the original vampire movies, and then madness. Renfield would dig it.

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 Deliberations of Doom Does a Road Trip to See “The Bad Batch”

Chris and Patience brought Digital Noise regular Joe along on their Deliberations of Doom field trip to go see the Neon films release, The Bad Batch starring Suki Waterhouse, Keanu Reeves, Jim Carrey, Giovanni Ribisi, and Jason Momoa. But this was no ordinary field trip. Thanks to the amazing Alamo Drafthouse, it was out at the Stunt Ranch in Austin Texas and our crew performed some of the big stunts themselves. Check out their adventure and the review for The Bad Batch right here.

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 Deliberations of Doom – Ep. 9: New Horror Round-Up

The Doom Patrol returns with a look at some of the more recent horror VOD and Blu-ray releases worth, if nothing else, talking about. And get ready for some SERIOUS debates and different opinions here; the DOD crew stands divided. Check out the titles below and click on them to go to their respective pages for purchase (which, if you use our links, totally helps us out).

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 Deliberations of Doom: Our Alamo Adventure to go see “It Comes at Night”

From the podcast Deliberations of Doom: Chris, Patience, and Phillip got invited to an Alamo Drafthouse Roadshow advance screening of the upcoming film It Comes at Night. Check out this video of the experience and their review.

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 Deliberations of Doom – Ep. 8: The Horror Films of John Carpenter Pt 2

The Doom Patrol continues with their assessment of horror legend John Carpenter’s career, taking on Christine, Prince of Darkness, In the Mouth of Madness, Body Bags, Village of the Damned, Vampires, Ghosts of Mars, and The Ward. If you missed Part one you can check it out right here.

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 Deliberations of Doom – Ep. 7: The Horror Films of John Carpenter Pt 1

Our horror crew (now calling themselves, The Doom Patrol) may not see eye to eye on every single one of director/writer/composer John Carpenter’s horror movies, but they all agree that he is one of, if not the most, accomplished horror directors ever. So listen to them go down the list of his horror titles and talk about what makes them great, or not so great. Also, we review the oft-compared with Carpenter’s films, The Void, now out on VOD.

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 Deliberations of Doom – Ep. 6: Final Girls Phenomenon in Horror

You horror fans can rest easy, as the Deliberations of Doom crew have reconvened for another episode full of analysis, humor, and revelations. Chris, Patience, Phillip, Rob and Russell talk about this week: We review the movie Stakeland 2….and then we talk about the Final Girl in horror movies. And what that means. Or is argued to have meaning. From Black Christmas to Halloween to Cabin in the Woods, we talk about the most notable films that have a remarkable ‘final girl’ and how they fit into cinema and/or feminist theories about the phenomena.

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 Deliberations of Doom – Ep. 5: David Cronenberg

In which the Deliberations of Doom crew take an in-depth look at the horror (and horror-related) films of director David Cronenberg. We also review a freshly released to VOD horror film, Don’t Knock Twice.

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 Deliberations of Doom – Ep. 4: Best of Horror 2016 Pt 2

Hey guys, here’s the second part of the Best of Horror 2016 podcast for you Brown Coat or above subscribers. Enjoy!

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 Deliberations of Doom – Ep. 3: Best of Horror 2016 Pt 1

Our horror podcast is back and bigger than ever with two new members added to the rotation. You can meet all of them by watching the free preview ad we filmed for the show right here.

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 Deliberations of Doom – Ep. 2

Chris and the Summers Brothers continue their conversation based on our subscriber’s questions about horror movies. This time we think our favorite question was, “Top 5 Most Gratifying Deaths of Douchebags in Horror Movies”. Brown Coat subscribers and above can check it out right here.

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 Deliberations of Doom – Ep. 1

Hey subscribers, here’s another new show for Brown Coat level folks and above. The inspiration for this was from The Original Gentlemen. Basically, Chris challenged the fans to give us top five questions about horror to answer only to find out that his co-hosts decided they weren’t really into horror enough to give elaborate answers. So, Chris found some folks who were…Russ and Rob Summers.

The Summers brothers are filmmakers and horror fans; you might have heard them a few times before on Highly Suspect Reviews podcasts or Digital Noise. Now, together with Chris, they answer your horror questions. Check out this first episode and tell us what you think!