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Deliberations of Doom

Hosts: Chris Cox, Patience Robinson-Campos, Phillip Guzman, Russ Summers & Rob Summers

Deliberations of Doom is a deep-cut podcast about horror, examining the filmography of the great directors, asking questions about the genre, and reviewing new releases.

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 Deliberations of Doom – Ep. 6: Final Girls Phenomenon in Horror

You horror fans can rest easy, as the Deliberations of Doom crew have reconvened for another episode full of analysis, humor, and revelations. Chris, Patience, Phillip, Rob and Russell talk about this week: We review the movie Stakeland 2….and then we talk about the Final Girl in horror movies. And what that means. Or is argued to have meaning. From Black Christmas to Halloween to Cabin in the Woods, we talk about the most notable films that have a remarkable ‘final girl’ and how they fit into cinema and/or feminist theories about the phenomena.

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 Deliberations of Doom – Ep. 5: David Cronenberg

In which the Deliberations of Doom crew take an in-depth look at the horror (and horror-related) films of director David Cronenberg. We also review a freshly released to VOD horror film, Don’t Knock Twice.

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 Deliberations of Doom – Ep. 4: Best of Horror 2016 Pt 2

Hey guys, here’s the second part of the Best of Horror 2016 podcast for you Brown Coat or above subscribers. Enjoy!

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 Deliberations of Doom – Ep. 3: Best of Horror 2016 Pt 1

Our horror podcast is back and bigger than ever with two new members added to the rotation. You can meet all of them by watching the free preview ad we filmed for the show right here.

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 Deliberations of Doom – Ep. 2

Chris and the Summers Brothers continue their conversation based on our subscriber’s questions about horror movies. This time we think our favorite question was, “Top 5 Most Gratifying Deaths of Douchebags in Horror Movies”. Brown Coat subscribers and above can check it out right here.

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 Deliberations of Doom – Ep. 1

Hey subscribers, here’s another new show for Brown Coat level folks and above. The inspiration for this was from The Original Gentlemen. Basically, Chris challenged the fans to give us top five questions about horror to answer only to find out that his co-hosts decided they weren’t really into horror enough to give elaborate answers. So, Chris found some folks who were…Russ and Rob Summers.

The Summers brothers are filmmakers and horror fans; you might have heard them a few times before on Highly Suspect Reviews podcasts or Digital Noise. Now, together with Chris, they answer your horror questions. Check out this first episode and tell us what you think!