Deliberations of Doom Ep 11: Vampires Pt 2


The Doom Patrol returns for the second half of their discussion about some of their favorite off-the-beaten-track vampire movies




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8 thoughts on “Deliberations of Doom Ep 11: Vampires Pt 2”

  1. You're Not My Supervisor

    I wish you guys would’ve talked about Thirst the Park Chan Wook movie from 2009. I think you reviewed it on Spill actually

    1. Movie I really enjoyed. But, this show was about everybody picking two movies and nobody picked that one. There are quite a few other great off the beaten path vampire movies we could have added as well as that one, but hey…future shows, who knows?

    1. But he did invent the modern baseline definition of vampire which was very different from what came before. He certainly was the formulator for what became the baseline for the cinematic vampire.

  2. “A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night,” is a movie that I remember watching and enjoying certain scenes, but the movie left me feeling hollow, not contemplative.
    I wish there was a good list of “BEST Found Footage movies to sell someone on the genre.” I do love some Found footage movies, like Chronicle, but the vast majority of mainstream found footage movies like Apollo 18, Cloverfield, the Paranormal Activity movies, or Quarantine all SUCK HARD. Found Footage horror might be a good later episode, particularly to get back at the twins.
    Daybreakers sounds really cool. Particularly “vampiric animals are the #1 cause of forest fires in the world.” LOL
    I might watch Chronos but I have to ask, has Del Toro EVER been good at writing characters? I haven’t seen some of his earlier work, but aside from Pan’s Labyrinth, a lot of his characters come off as aggravating archetypes or one-note plot props. Blade 2 is a better movie for world building, design, and plot than character or development. Even films of his that I really like such as Pacific Rim have really weak characterization. Do you disagree with that Chris Cox, because I remember how you reacted to Crimson Peak.

    1. I will defend Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity 3 and “The Marked Ones” (or whatever that ‘spin-off’ was called), and even to some extent Quarantine (although the original REC is much better). But I try not to intentionally make the twins suffer. Usually.

      I give Del Toro STRONG marks for “The Devil’s Backbone”, “Cronos”, and “Pan’s Labyrinth” and to a lesser extent but still a fan of “Blade 2”, “Pacific Rim” and “Mimic”. The only film I outright can’t stand by him is indeed “Crimson Peak”. Ultimately, the final word on whether or not a film is good isn’t necessarily character development, it’s but part of a larger pastiche of qualities to be judged in balance with each other.

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