Deliberations of Doom – Episode 15 – 90s Horror Part Two


Horror is our business and business is good. But it sure was different back in the 1990s. We examine some more of our favorites from the decade only this time, The Doom Patrol ain’t exactly on the same page about all of them. Come on, you know you love to hear us squabble!



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3 thoughts on “Deliberations of Doom – Episode 15 – 90s Horror Part Two”

  1. Denzel Washington is a national treasure.
    I love all of these except Cemetery Man. I haven’t seen it. As you were talking about it I remembered owning a VHS that had a trailer for it. Completely forgot about it. Need to track it down now.

    1. Patience Robinson-Campos

      Cemetery Man is definitely worth a look. It’s not your typical horror film. As for Denzel, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. : )

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