Deliberations of Doom Episode 17: Clive Barker Movies Pt 2


Your favorite doomy types return with the second half of our Clive Barker movies profile, this time getting into Candyman, Lord of Illusions, The Midnight Meat Train, Book of Blood, and Dread. We promise many more rants and major disagreements this time around.

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2 thoughts on “Deliberations of Doom Episode 17: Clive Barker Movies Pt 2”

  1. Love the Candyman discussion! Such an underrated flick. To me, I consider it a horror masterpiece of sorts. There’s a lot to unpack, whether it’s the racial dynamics, the mythology that’s built, the weirdly lovely and poetic way in which Candyman describes living forever through horror, and even the subtext that perhaps Helen was the one committing the murders and how that adds to the themes of the movie versus whether Candyman is genuinely there. Which is something I feel is too often not really addressed.

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