Deliberations of Doom – Ep 19: Alien Horror Pt 2


This week the Doom Patrol continues its steadily more inebriated voyage into the world of Alien Horror films (discussing Quatermass and the PitPitch Black, and Altered), but first, we talk a bit about a new book that just came out called Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror on Film and Television.

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11 thoughts on “Deliberations of Doom – Ep 19: Alien Horror Pt 2”

  1. I honestly think when a movie blurrs genre, getting all in a tizzy about classifying it is one of the most insufferably pedantic arguments you can have.

  2. I believe that the Summers Bros are wrong (which is normal for me but I digress) about Pitch Black. As far as I can tell based on their explanations and descriptions of “horror” vs “suspense/thriller” the only distinction is uncertainty. How many slasher movies which are considered horror movies are so predictable that uncertainty is all but impossible? If its a matter of all characters needing to be somewhat helpless, sure Riddick can kill one or two of them but there are thousands and they definitely have the advantage on a planet with no sunlight for weeks on end. There are plenty of horror movies where the characters are not helpless but are hardly out of danger because of that. Also think about the horror elements that are all over this movie: the isolation, the feeling of being trapped, the darkness, the limited light sources to defend themselves that could give out at any time. I think Aliens is a horror movie and I think Pitch Black is a horror movie for the same reasons. For two guys who talk SO MUCH about having ideas about film and being creative and different, they are awfully close-minded and limiting in their descriptions of what constitutes a certain kind of film. Trying to hand wave away the film’s horror scenes and the film’s goal of making its characters feel trapped and desperate enough to trust Riddick with their lives by just saying, “There are horror elements,” suggests that you are awfully dismissive about creativity in different genres. Team Cox for the win on Pitch Black.

    I love Pitch Black. More so since my first exposure to the franchise was with the god awful Chronicles of Riddick in theaters which I saw before I caught the original Pitch Black a few years later on cable. Having watched all of the theatrical movies though, I don’t think Riddick ever called for a franchise. However, if it had to be a franchise, I wish they had done some worldbuilding like how the animated Riddick movie, Dark Fury, did. No overblown ridiculous mythology like Chronicles and not simply repeating the original Pitch Black like Riddick (2013) did.
    Is Alien horror going to include any of the bizarre Alien imitators or knockoffs like Terror Planet? That’s an odd one because James Cameron was hired to do production design for a film that rips off the first Alien and was then later hired to work on the Aliens film.

    1. In response to your last paragraph, not this go-round, no, although we considered some of those corman rip-offs that aren’t too bad, like Galaxy of Terror.

    2. Either you include every sci-fi movie in the horror canon or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

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