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Deliberations of Doom Episode 16: Clive Barker Movies Pt 1

Remember Clive Barker? The guy who sold a LOT of books when his career exploded across the US with those Books of Blood short story collections with the blurb from Steven King on the cover: “I have seen the future of horror and his name is Clive Barker”. Strong words. And then after we were all a-ga-ga over these incredibly bloody and dark stories, getting all crazy for Hellraiser? Well, did you know he did a bunch of films after that? I mean, other than Hellraiser sequels? Even a few before? That’s what the Doom Patrol is here for, kiddos, so strap in and listen to the first part of their Movies of Clive Barker discussion. Fun is guaranteed. Listen to our reviews of Rawhead Rex, Hellraiser 1 and 2, and Nightbreed.

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