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OneOfUs.Show–‘You’re Next’s Barbara Crampton & A.J. Bowen On Acting

For the sophomore installment of our swanky new geeky interview series, we are joined by You’re Next‘s Barbara Crampton and A.J. Bowen.

Barbara and A.J. are both quite at home in the horror genre, Barbara in films like Re-Animator and From Beyond and A.J. in House of the Devil and The Signal.

Instead of asking the usual questions themed to the movie, we chat about their passion for the artform of acting itself. Tune in to hear what our very first celebrity guests have to say about what makes them one of us.

Lionsgate’s You’re Next opens this Friday in theaters nationwide. Go see it!

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Oh, but wait, you can also view the show on YouTube! With visuals! Because it’s on YouTube!