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Martin & Brian Interview Film Legend Fred “The Hammer” Williamson

Legend. It’s a word possibly overused in a culture of hyper-nostalgia. It’s also a totally rad fantasy movie from director Ridley Scott. But there again, you see my point.

Still, if any man qualifies as a legend, it has to be Fred “The Hammer” Williamson. Hammer was a staple of the blaxploitation genre with standout roles in films like Black Caesar, Boss, and Hell Up in Harlem. In the decades since, he has continued to illuminate silver screens with his radiant aura of irrepressible cool.

He’s also a personal hero of mine, and the fact that we actually got the opportunity to speak with Mr. Williamson is beyond thrilling. For this installment of OneOfUs.SHOW, I am joined by fellow Hammer fan Martin Thomas to chat with Fred about his career, his origins, and his in-development project Old School Gangstas (a sequel to Original Gangstas).

One of the first things over which Martin and I bonded was our shared love of blaxploitation, and it seems only fitting that an Original Gentleman join me for this interview with an Original Gangsta.


Give the interview a listen, and please forgive the less-than-stellar audio quality of this over-the-phone conversation.


Interested in helping to fund Old School Gangstas? Let The Hammer tell you a little more about it, and then visit the film’s Indiegogo page to learn how to donate.