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OOU.SHOW–Zach Martin Talks Designing Posters for George Takei

The reason we created our interview series OneOfUs.SHOW was to highlight folks with interesting passions as well as those with interesting professions. All the better is when those two spheres overlap in as significant a way as they have for poster artist Zach Martin.

Zach is the graphic artist for Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy, a major fixture of the Austin geek community. Recently, Zach designed the below poster for an in-store appearance by none other than Mr. Sulu himself George Takei; a man Zach aptly describes as President of the Internet.



The poster was so well-received that Takei himself licensed it! Over night, Zach became one of the most sought-after pop artists on the web. OneOfUs.SHOW has the exclusive first interview with this burgeoning superstar as we discuss poster art, Tex Avery, and the perils of working at Hot Topic.


Listen to the show and be sure to seek out Zach via any of his many online outlets. If nothing else, let him know you enjoy his work.








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