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Infestation: Fantastic Fest 2019: The Seventh Round

Fantastic Fest reviews of Guns Akimbo and Parasite


Our video review coverage of Fantastic Fest wraps up with a look at two of the biggest successes at this year’s festival. Legendary Korean director Bong Joon-ho brings us his magnum opus with the comedy-thriller Parasite, which might be the best film of the whole festival (or the year?) according to our team. Then there’s the unexpected Crank 2-esque surprise of Daniel Radcliffe as a guy who gets guns bolted to his hands and is forced to defend himself against the murderous metal-toothed Samara Weaving in the insane Guns Akimbo. But that’s not even the end of our coverage as coming up is our FINAL THOUGHTS podcast wrap-up with a look at all the rest of the stuff we saw, as well as an audio version of all the video reviews we’ve posted.

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