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The Pre-Weekend Recap: June 27, 2014

Greetings, and welcome to he Pre-Weekend Recap for the week of June 27, 2014! In addition to all the articles, blog posts, reviews, and podcasts that the One of Us crew put out this week, our fearless leaders have also been working nonstop to prepare for our major fundraising effort, Pod-A-Thon! Tomorrow, June 28, 2014, we have 12 hours of insanity ready for you, all in the name raising money for the site! More information can be found below!




Of course, you’ll also find a fine selection of posts that debuted this week, with descriptions and links leading you directly to the content. There’s plenty to see here, so let’s get started!

The Letdown of The Boondocks Season 4 And Why It Hurts

This week, The Boondocks ended its fourth and final season. Unfortunately, most of the fans of the series recognize that this is more of a mercy killing than a triumphant exit. While the first three seasons of this groundbreaking series were as thought-provoking as they were hilarious, the fourth season was riddled with lazily-written duds of episodes. The severe decline of the show’s quality is likely due to the departure of its creator, Aaron McGruder. Cartoon Network opted to remove McGruder from the show’s staff and attempted to continue it without him to disastrous results. Thomas Mariani, a fan of The Boondocks since its inception, points out where the last season went wrong and properly eulogizes the show.


Big Finishing Move – Doctor Who: The Council of Nicaea

John Eckes’ Big Finishing Move, the feature where he reviews Big Finish’s Doctor Who audio dramas, is back with a historically-focused episode. In The Council of Nicaea, the Fifth Doctor finds himself in the middle of the conflicts stemming from a crumbling Roman Empire and a nascent Christian Church. This is a fixed point in time, so his options to interfere are limited,  lest he risk disrupting the entire timeline. How does everyone’s favorite Time Lord get out of this mess? Is it worth your time and cash? Read John’s review for the answers to both of these questions!


The Original Gentlemen Episode 18 – The Replacements

The latest episode of The Original Gentlemen is pretty ironic, given this show’s name. There’s only one Original Gentleman this time, as Beau, Martin, and Ashley each had unavoidable conflicts. There’s no cause for alarm though, because Chris has an excellent backup crew. He is joined by Harris, former LEOGer and current love advice columnist under the name of Dr. Nerdlove, and Ed Travis  from the movie website, the latest member of that unruly cadre of cretins, the Unusual Suspects. Join the guys as they discuss Star Wars, Marvel television shows, and all manner of miscellaneous geekdom.


Post-Apocalyptic Psychology: Children of the Apocalypse

Much like any geek, Angelo Elauria considers what might happen if some catastrophe thrust humanity into a post-apocalyptic scenario, similar to that of The Walking Dead or The Last of Us. However, Angelo diverges from the average geek because he doesn’t spend his time deluding himself into thinking his video game skills and comic book knowledge would help him in the wake of civilization’s end. Instead, he’s applying the theories of psychology to speculate about how society might evolve. Take a gander at his article and find out what Terror Management Theory has to say about what could occur if everything goes to hell.

Why Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Actually Looks Good

It appears that many skeptics of the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films are beginning to reconsider their positions because of the new trailer. Before seeing the trailer, Angelo didn’t really care about the movie and wasn’t planning on seeing it. However, now “it is tied with Dawn of the Apes as most anticipated thing this summer.” What precisely caused this abrupt about-face? Read his article, watch the trailer, and let us know if it had a positive impact on you as well!

Pod-A-Thon 2014!

MAJOR SITE EVENT! Brian and Chris are heading to San Diego Comic Con this year! Of course, travel and lodging can be costly affairs. In addition, being the feeble flesh sacks that they are, they’d like to sustain themselves with food and water and not die of starvation/dehydration. Weird, right?

That’s why THIS SATURDAY, June 28th, we’re hosting a 12-hour video livestream fundraiser, the first ever One of Us Pod-A-Thon! From noon to midnight, your favorite site personalities will entertain you in their quest to raise 2,000 American dollars. Watch as they play drinking games, give away free stuff to you viewers, and accept embarrassing challenges for money! There will be tons of guest appearances from other beloved geek sites and major announcements about huge changes coming to One of Us. All of this and more will be occurring next week, so be sure to click on the image above for all the details.

If you like what you’ve seen here, please be sure to share our stuff with others who might enjoy it. In addition, please consider becoming one of our proud subscribers! There are plenty of benefits for those who are generous enough to contribute to the site each month, so don’t miss out on your chance to earn some exclusive rewards! Have a great weekend!


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