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Are You Ready For Pod-A-Thon?! June 28th!

The gauntlet is set, it was set by those who threw it down. We have been talking for a while about whether we had the stones, the intestinal fortitude, and the complete lack of regard for our personal health to host an epic marathon recording session.

The answer today is a resounding, if a bit secretly terrified, HELL YES!

The date: June 28th!
The place: Broadcasting from right here in Austin to wherever you are!
The time: ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!!

That is, at least 12hrs of it. Starting at NOON CST, we are going to be broadcasting for twelve uninterrupted hours and hosting our first ever Pod-A-Thon fundraiser! The funds will not only help Brian and Chris get to/survive San Diego Comic-Con, but will also go toward a giant end-of-summer bash here in Austin celebrating the site’s one-year anniversary!

This event is going to make Blue Christmas like Blue’s Clues. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!!!

What you can expect to see/hear…


All of this is a build up for not only a few pub meet-ups during SDCC, but if we hit our $2K goal, we’ll also be putting together an end-of-summer bash that we’ve dubbed Fest Of Us! Of course, if we raise more than $2K, we’ll get to steadily add more and more features to that party. We will announce date and location when/if we reach our goal.

And that’s where you guys come in! Thank you in advance for all your support, all your subscribing and shirt-buying. All your drum-beating and word-of-mouthing. We need your help to push One Of Us into the next phase, and we are confident that you will be thrilled with that new era.

Join us starting at noon. We won’t stop until the stroke of midnight, even if we’re so plastered by then that we can’t see straight. The show must go on, because Us Nation demands it!