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Why ‘TMNT’ Actually Looks Good

Before I get in to why this trailer made this film one of my MOST anticipated movies of the summer, I would like to mention the ONE QUOTE that made me go, “Oh… shit. Now I HAVE to see this movie!”




The line in question was spoken by whoever Gob Bluth’s character is playing. You can say that the quote was quite… MAGICAL. “Yes,” you’re saying, “we get it, you watch a lot of Arrested Development. GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!”

“Four Turtles and one of ’em is fighting a robot samurai… eh, WHY NOT?!”

Once that quote was said, it made me understand that the people behind this movie know EXACTLY what they were doing. They are self-aware of how stupidly awesome that concept is, and are having absolute fun with this adaptation. That’s the key word here. ADAPTATION. It’s not simply a re-imagine-booting, whatever-ing, for money, though of course that’s always a factor in these situations and understandably so. To these people’s credit, rather than push out some dreck that will still make barrels full of cash, they are taking a source material they love and are smart enough to modernize that film in an earnest way. You still with me here? Good. Let Us show you this trailer, and we’ll give you the breakdown:



I’m sorry, did you hear that last quote? Megan Fox earned herself a “toe”-thumbs up when she said, “They’re not aliens. That’s stupid. They’re turtles.” That is the writer’s jab at EVERYONE who said that concept was ridiculous. It’s called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and they are mutants because radioactive waste in the sewers gave them the ability to walk upright and learn ninjitsu from a rat (*and aliens are really stupid).

*read that in a sarcastic font please.

All joking aside, let’s take a step back, away from all the fighting and debating about what they look like and get to the reason why this incarnation of the Ninja Turtles looks like a SHELL of a time. These turtles are an amalgamation of nerds and frat bros. In the beginning of the trailer, after they appear to have successfully completed a mission, they are just geeking out on the rooftops:

“This is OUR TOWN!”


“Totally unseen!”

“Ninjas of the Dark!”

They are totally having fun and celebrating just like anyone between the ages of 17-25 would do! The demographic they are directly aiming for are the nerdy college-aged folk because this specific age group grew up with the franchise and made it the sensation that it is today! It is a complete LOVE LETTER to that generation in every way, if the dialogue is any indication. I mean, I could be wrong, because I never really watched the Ninja Turtles. However, I know good writing when I see it!

And once I figure that out, it is tied with Dawn of the Apes as my most anticipated thing this summer. But what of the Ussians?! What doth they speaketh on this presented trailer? WHAT SAY YOU IN THE COMMENTS BELOW?!




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