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The Pre-Weekend Recap: November 22, 2013

It’s Friday once again, which means it’s time for another edition of One of Us’ premiere catch up feature, The Pre-Weekend Recap!

This was certainly a news-worthy week and it’s possible that some big stories passed by you. Perhaps you didn’t have a chance to catch a podcast or you missed a blog post? Well, it’s a good thing you’ve arrived here. The Pre-Weekend Recap is just the thing you need! Come on, it’s not like there’s some big sequel to a box office hit based on a series of equally revered books debuting today. What else do you have to do? Just spend the whole weekend here!

Okay, fine. Go see Catching Fire. THEN spend the rest of your weekend here with these features and the rest of our content!

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Write A Movie With Us: Week 4


Write a Movie with Us, our interactive and collaborative script-writing project, is ramping up even further in its fourth week. The pitch has been selected and now it’s time to talk characters. Join the conversation as you and your fellow scribes shape the people of your script and the community where they live. Not only will you be crafting a notable and dynamic protagonist, you’ll also build the people surrounding your lead character. There’s much to be done, so don’t wait another second. Head on over to the writers’ room and start populating your world with the rest of the crew!


The INTERN-Net Show #8: How Not to Audition for Star Wars

This week’s episode of The INTERN-Net Show has a bunch of useful advice for all you budding thespians out there. Disney has announced that it is accepting auditions for the new Star Wars film from all interested parties. How can you distinguish yourself from the crowd? Better yet, how can you avoid distinguishing yourself in a manner similar to the infamous Star Wars Kid? Our host, Chris Harrison, has all the answers you need to present yourself well and avoid looking like a fool. Plus, he’s talking about Doctor Who and the latest news regarding the digital distribution of The Simpsons. It’s all waiting for you, so click the image above and learn at the feet of the master!


Ash & Fern: Weapon of Choice

Ash and Fern are in a heated debate this week and it’s all about weapons. After years of getting stuffed in lockers, I don’t have to tell you geeks that it’s important to know how to defend yourselves. While the properties we all love are full of incredible tools of destruction, what weapon from a geek brand is best?* Read on to discover our heroines’ thoughts on the subject and be sure to add your opinion to the discussion the comments!


Digital Noise Episode 20: Blue Tights and RWBY Capes

Digital Noise hit an important milestone this week as it aired its 20th episode! I wanted Brian and guest host Richard Whitaker to spend the entire episode eating celebratory cake on mic to mark the occasion, but some people can’t appreciate good ideas. Instead, our hosts review several home releases, including the Man of Steel Blu-Ray set and Rooster Teeth’s new project, RWBY. Additionally, they’re giving away the first season of RWBY to one of you lucky listeners! To find out how you can win and to hear the rest of the reviews, click the image above and strap in for a great show!


The Wind Rises Trailer: Sincerely, Hayao Miyazaki

Bad news: legendary animation genius Hayao Miyazaki is retiring from the business after decades of innovative and imaginative films.

Good news: His last film, The Wind Rises, looks like it is going to blow our minds one last time. A member of the INTERN-Net crew, Mr. Angelo Elauria, had nothing but glowing praise for the film’s trailer and after watching it about 70 times in a row, I can’t help but agree with his thoughts. Check out the trailer and Angelo’s remarks, then sob into your keyboard as you salute Hayao Miyazaki’s career in the comment section!


Big Finishing Move: Doctor Who: The Spectre of Lanyon Moor

Let’s give it up for Mr. John Eckes, another member of the INTERN-Net gang, because he is doing an incredible job with his series of Doctor Who audio drama reviews, Big Finishing Move. In this entry, John has provided you all the information you need to know about The Spectre of Lanyon Moor, a cerebral adventure tale starring the Sixth Doctor. How does the cast fare as they reprise their roles? Is the story compelling enough to keep your attention? Is this a purchase worthy of your hard-earned dollars? What the hell is a Lanyon Moor? I have nothing but questions and John has all the answers, so stop listening to me and read his review instead!


That’s plenty of material to get your weekend started, so it’s time to bring this edition of the Recap to a close. Get busy doing nothing!

* Spoiler Alert: It’s Mjolnir. Duh.