Digital Noise Episode 20: Blue Tights & RWBY Capes


We did it, Digiphiles! We’ve reached our 20th episode!

Brian is once again joined by Richard Whittaker of the Austin Chronicle to review another light, but diverse, crop of home release titles. Incidentally, this crop includes Zack Snyder’s tiny independent film about some handsome do-gooder in a red cape.

They also answer your questions from The Letterbox, examine this week’s interesting spectrum of Blu-ray box colors, and giveaway the first season of the new Rooster Teeth property RWBY.

All that, plus Brian’s spectacular misunderstanding of British customs.

Crank up the noise!


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Man of Steel Blu-ray Review   Body Bags Blu-ray Review   Hitch-Hiker w time

Empty Space

Attack Blu-ray Review   I Declare War Blu-ray Review   Snuff w time Empty Space

Nosferatu w time   RWBY w time



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2,686 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 20: Blue Tights & RWBY Capes”

  1. Okay I really want to win this one since I love the show,

    My weapons first look is of a pair of Kama with longer and bigger Blades at the end of them and has a thick chain connecting them together. along the body of the Kama’s are two flaps in the shape of right triangles. Now the length of the chain is hidden partly inside the body of the Kama’s themselves and can extend to have longer reach, ind of like God of War blades but not on your wrist just to give you an idea. The second weapon is hidden inside the first one itself for the blades can be flipped up so that they are a spear and the flaps on the side can slide down and lock into each other to make the body of the second weapon a bow. From the bow I could fire off raid energy shots or a strong power shot. The string from the bow comes from one of the Kama’s and hooks to the other one. The plus on having the blades at the ends now is that if any one gets close before I can switch back I can still defend myself.

  2. I was really happy you guys talked about some of the positives of Man of Steel. There’s a lot of good to be had there. Yes, everyone talks about Michael Shannon, but what about Henry Cavill. There’s certain moments in that movie where I see him and I get it. I get WHY they chose him.

    I think, to use a word Chris has almost coined at this point, people are very hyperbolic. Because of the third act, people were willing to throw away all the good that came before it and call it a shitty or terrible movie. It’s not a perfect movie, don’t get me wrong. It has it’s flaws, but there’s so many great moments that got lost in the shuffle.

    As a DC fan and a Superman fan, I was happy. I hope they make adjustments for the next movie and they don’t make it a “This is why Batman is better than Superman even though he has no powers” movie the way they’ve done with the comics over the past 20 years, but as it stands, I’m looking forward to more.

  3. First time doing one of these giveaways, but I fucking LOVE this show, and I did actually have an idea for a weapon like this I’ve been throwing around for a while, so I figured why not.

    One of the most iconic weapons that came out of halo 3 was the Gravity Hammer, where no matter how hard or light you hit something with it, it will send it flying. I’ve been kicking around this idea in my head for a sort of steampunk assassin’s story I might write, and there’s a character with a sniper rifle, but I wanted to know how I could make it more interesting. It finally hit me when I realized the mixing of a steampunk sniper and a gravity hammer would be the most badass thing ever conceived. It would be sort of a regular steampunk sniper but when you flip it so you’re holding the chamber you could use it as a gravity hammer.

    I know I didn’t do such a good job selling it, but I still think it’s a really good idea for a weapon. Hope you choose me, I love the show. I’m signed in through my twitter so…

  4. OK, let me see if I can have you guys picture what I am thinking in my head. My combination weapon of choice is a retractable bladed whip, but the hilt is is replaced by a microphone. Yes, a microphone. Why, you may or may not ask? The planned tactic of fighting is similar to some boss fights in video games, in which I would talk a mean game before swinging the bladed whip around my head to attack those who oppose me. The highlight of these fights is that while i launch said whip at enemies, I only taunt them in rhymes. You are correct, that my fighting style is is one part Ivy from SoulCalibur, One part Indiana Jones, one part Etrigan with a dash of Dolemite. ( Afro available upon request. ) So to put it as cheesy as possible, ” I’m the rhyming, jiving man as black as night, with a bladed whip mic who has yet begun to fight!”

    And scene.

  5. For the giveaway; a 1 meter long, butterfly knife with mallets on both handles, and it doubles as a shotgun when closed. I would also stick a flashlight somewhere on it; you can never have enough utilities.
    Twitter is @dreadnought93

  6. Hey guys, PornoChris here. This is for the giveaway. The weapon I’d choose would be the Twin Blades of Azzinoth. these were the main weapons that Illidan Stormrage used in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. these weapons would be the equivalent of a double sided light saber in a crescent blade shape along with the power to spawn gigantic green fire elementals that appear when you stab the ground with your warglaives. so basically, you can use the weapons for melee attacks, or stab the ground with your warglaives and then command giant green fire elementals to follow your commands. by far one of my fav weapons in a video game or movie/tv show ever.

  7. I actually like the blu ray + DVD editions. I know a lot of people who don’t own blu ray players so when they want to borrow or I come over to watch with them, I can bring the DVD or let them borrow it

  8. My weapon would start as a bow. It’s construction is mostly metal, but light so arrows and other projectiles can be fired from the filament lacing. But when the bow itself is broken in half by the hinge in the middle, it can turn into a boomerang that can be thrown to get enemies near and far and always return to owner. The filament string can extend and contract into the bow to be used as some sort of leash to just whip it at an enemy as well.

    Would love to win this. Love the show guys! Twitter handle is @Jenni_Matasek.

  9. my weapon would be a combination of the Dr’s sonic screw driver and a lightsaber.

    it is the perfect problem solver; can’t fix the fax machine (what could) slice it into a kajillion pieces. confronted with a bunch of laser guns? disable them with the screw driver and cut your way to freedom. @whitewizard2001

  10. This is for the give away.

    I got the idea for this weapon from thinking of a combination of the two most badass characters’ weapons from The Walking Dead, Daryl and Michone.

    My Weapon would go for a silent assassin feel by having it be a crossbow with optional normal,poisonous, or explosive projectiles, but can also split down the middle and unfold into two katanas. The string from the bow is attached to the hilts of both swords and can be drawn in so that the hilts wil then be interlocked at the end and make a baton sword, think Darth Maul’s lightsaber but with real blades.

  11. Ok. You’ve got a pair of nunchucks, BUT the two ends can attach. Suddenly, YOU’VE GOT A BOW!!!! Now you can fire arrows, or arrows with grenades on the end, or arrows with sharks on the end…

    My Twitter is @The_SuperDude92

    I’ll be waiting for my copy of RWBY >:)

  12. They Call Me The Fizz

    Well this is my first go at a giveaway…

    Initially I was going to settle for a lance with a rotating drill function… but the more I thought about it, the more I began thinking about how sweet it would be to disconnect the spearhead from the pole and then converting it into a pair of bladed gauntlets. This would be done by separating the spearhead lengthwise to reveal arm sheaths tucked within. The pole could then be used as a bo staff… Hmm… This would probably sound better if I drew it out…

  13. Now that they’ve done Body Bags, you know what I wish would get a Scream Factory release? Tobe Hooper’s Night Terrors. It’s odd, sure, but it has it’s merrits.

  14. Giveaway entry!

    If I was to have a hybrid weapon, it would be a giant hammer/mallet mixed with a long barreled revolver. I could attack my enemies from up close with the hammer, crushing them with brute force. If they were far away, the hammer contains six revolver shots with a second set in the other end of the head for a quick and easy reload. If my enemy was far away, I could easily make the adjustment and fire at them in rapid succession 12 times before having to manually reload. That is my dream weapon, even if it could never exist in reality!

    Twitter name is @EVILterminator

    Hope I win, but there is some tough competition!

  15. I’m Christian, and even I was weirded out by the religious stuff in Superman. It was so pandering it was actually offensive, because it was ridiculously transparent as a marketing gimmick.

  16. I hope I am not too late for this Give away.

    In true over the top anime style action, around each forearm is a pair of giant over size sapphire colored robotic gauntlets, that scratch 1′ wide and extend 3′ long from my elbow. Not only do the gauntlet allow to lift heavy object and crush them to bits, each gauntlet is also outfit with a rocket propelling unit for quick maneuvering, or to reenact the rocket punch from Pacific Rim.

    But in close combat, where there is less space to move around even with the rockets, both units can detach, and re-from into a two part half moon shaped shield with razor edges for slicing through the enemy horde.




  18. holy shit…. i had no idea about this site until i googled brian salisbury to see where he had gone… holy shit…. awesome.

  19. I’m sorry, but I might have actually liked Kevin Costner’s Pa Kent if he didn’t even vaguely suggest that SUPERMAN should let people die to protect his secret. Conflicted or not, he should be the ultimate source of Clark Kent’s moral compass. “Maybe you should let people die,” should not be said by someone who is supposed to be the moral compass of a superhero. The religious symbolism is INFURIATING and distracts from the plot. The ending COULD have worked if it weren’t so inconsistent in tone and characterization. Also, updated or not, this movie is WAY too dreary for a Superman movie. SUPERMAN IS NOT BATMAN Warner Bros!!

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