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Infinite Variations


Deep in the cold heart of space, a group of strangers find themselves marooned aboard a mysterious craft. This ragtag crew of unwitting shipmates each hail from different universes of geek culture. Will the variations of their respective subcultures prove so extreme as to preclude their cooperation? Will they be able to discover the nefarious plot that placed them in this predicament in the first place? Will they ever cease making incessant references to their individual niches? I mean honestly if I hear one more mention of a tardis or a lightsaber or freaking tribbles I’m going to—sorry, I shouldn’t get so emotional, I’m just the narrator. With each new episode of this classic-style radio drama, more and more of the harrowing saga will be revealed.

Fasten your nerd belts, you’re about to blast off into Infinite Variations.



iv_thumb_2Chapter 1: Things That Go Bump in the Night

Our heroes, a thrown-together band of representatives from various branches of geekdom, awake to find themselves in a rather awkward position…lightyears outside of our known galaxy in fact.

Who are these outcasts? Will they be able to crack the mystery of their arrival on this vessel and steer themselves back to more familiar settings?

Empty Space

iv_thumb_2Chapter 2: The Helm

When last we left our heroes, they had just discovered that they’d been abducted and marooned on an apparently derelict spacecraft. There was much dismay.

Now they must search the width and breadth of this star-hopping leviathan for supplies, for possible other passengers, and especially…for a control room.

Will our wayward geeks be able to find a way to steer the ship? Will their petty bickering over who gets to be “captain” end up destroying them all? Who does Todd keep talking to?

Empty Space

iv_thumb_2Chapter 3 (Coming Soon)


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