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The Pre-Weekend Recap: November 8, 2013

Welcome one and all to another edition of One of Us’ weekly catch up post, The Pre-Weekend Recap! Once again, it’s time to pick out several of this week’s features and line them up in a column for your convenience. Of course all of our content is pretty amazing, so get started with these and spend the rest of the weekend combing through the rest. Be sure to bathe in there at some point, too.

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Write A Movie With Us: Week 2


It’s the second week of our exclusive collaborative script-writing project, Write A Movie With Us!  Using the discussion points from last week, it’s time for you to make a pitch for the script! Is it going to be a slasher flick? Perhaps a supernatural beast will terrorize the citizenry? It’s up to you! You and your fellow writers will be hashing out the fine points together, so be sure to make your voice heard! Go on, get to the writers’ room and get busy!


Infinite Variations – Episode 2: The Helm

One of Us’ very own audio drama is back with its second episode! Follow the adventures of our wayward crew of geeks as they continue to piece together the mystery of their whereabouts and circumstances. Take a gander at the characters’ trading cards as well, and give it up for John Gholson and Ryan Dunsmore’s amazing work at bringing these geeks to life! Listen, laugh, and share the show with everyone!


Chris, Martin, and Beau are joined by Sam Eidson, the star of the cult-hit Zero Charisma on the eighth episode of THEOG. Listen to the insights of our hosts and their guest as they discuss Halloween, the ongoing TV season, and answer your questions. Did I mention Jason Murphy is still furious? Yeah, it’s all here just waiting for your ears!


Teaser Trailer for The Raid Sequel

I haven’t seen The Raid yet, but if the trailer for the sequel is anything to go by, I need to rectify that problem immediately. Check out the video here and read about why you need to be excited about people wailing on each other in marvelous martial style.


Affecting Change and Touching Lives: Art at its Best

Nate Bliss (aka the Room-Nate) is one of the best people in the world. It’s an undisputed fact. Don’t believe me? Fine, here’s some proof.  Nate has used his incredible artistic talent to design a t-shirt, with the proceeds dedicated to helping alleviate his friend Jeannie Moody’s medical bills for a recent procedure. If you want a great shirt that helps improve another person’s quality of life, check out this post and open those wallets!


Art Contest and Tumblr Launch

We have extended the art contest deadline! Which means I can use the same write up from last week and simply change the date!

One Of Us is continuing its quest to conquer the internet by increasing its social media presence.  We’re launching a Tumblr page incredibly soon and we’re having an art contest to mark the occasion. All entries will be featured on Tumblr and the winner of the contest will receive one of our very own One of Us t-shirts and an Amazon gift card!

All you need to do is create some site-related art. It could be a drawing, a painting, a sculpture, a bunch of sock puppets, or any other form of art you choose. As long as you can submit a picture of it, it’s eligible. All submissions should be sent with “Art Contest” in the subject line. The deadline is November 11th (nailed it), so if you’re looking to win, now’s the time!


That’s all from me! Be sure to take a moment to honor the fallen this Veterans’ Day. Have a killer weekend!