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Infinite Variations: Chapter 2–The Helm

Welcome back to OneOfUs.Net’s ongoing episodic sci-fi radio comedy: Infinite Variations.

When last we left our heroes, they had just discovered that they’d been abducted and marooned on an apparently derelict spacecraft. There was much dismay.

Now they must search the width and breadth of this star-hopping leviathan for supplies, for possible other passengers, and especially…for a control room.

Will our wayward geeks be able to find a way to steer the ship? Will their petty bickering over who gets to be “captain” end up destroying them all? Who does Todd keep talking to?

Enjoy this chapter? Then stay tuned for the further adventures of Infinite Variations!



IV_Kara          IV_Card_Gene

IV_Card_Rory          IV_Card_Lucas

IV_Card_Jayne          IV_Card_JR

IV_Card_Cal         IV_Todd


Character designs by John Gholson
Cards and Coloring by Ryan Dunsmore

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