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Teaser For ‘The Raid’ Sequel Will Break Your Face

Okay, so remember that scene in The Dark Knight Rises where Bane is just beating the absolute crap outta Batman in the sewers? It showed how relentless and brutal Bane was, smashing Batman’s mask, and in all honesty, made Gotham’s Dark Knight look like a little pansy. There is a great line before the end of that fight, where Bane says, “Ah yes! I was wondering what would break first. Your spirit… or your body.” When I saw the trailer for The Raid 2: Berandal, I felt like a masochistic Batman, getting my face violently bashed in until I was erect. So before we discuss the trailer, you should get your ass beat first. Then we can talk:

Ho…ly… shit. That is all I can say to this. This is such a visceral assault on your senses, and it seems that the scope of this film will be a lot larger then its predecessor. I was a HUGE fan of The Raid. It was like watching a ballet of brutality, although the word “ballet” may be a bit too theatrical for the fighting style. The great thing about the fighting style in that film, which is called Silat, is probably the most brutal form of martial arts I have ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the whole flamboyant style of fighting we see a lot of in Chinese martial arts cinema, but Silat is such a grittier and brutal style. There is no prancing about, doing fancy flips for the sake of fancy flips. It’s very practical and gets straight to the point. Beat the absolute shit outta you, and then move on to your next target, the hell with showmanship. So you can bet your whimpering little ASS, that I will be first in line to see this movie. Now excuse me as I get some life insurance, because I will probably need to leave the theater in a body cast.

So fellow OOUies, is your life insurance good enough to watch this trailer? What’s your favorite martial arts film? Whatever it is, comment below, let One of Us know!

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