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Host: Matt Frank

By now you all have to be familiar with Matt Frank, right? Comic book artist superstar for all things Godzilla, Kaiju and what have you. Well, we just think of him as one of our favorite people so we gave him his own podcast to do whatever with he pleased and he, unsurprisingly, came up with “Giganticast!” You can also follow Matt Frank on Facebook and Twitter.

*The Giganticast monster roar (from episode 13-) was created by Steven Arce*

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Episode 13: “Godzilla: The Planet Eater” Review

Get ready for some Real Talk! Matt, Morgan, Quinn, and Mayhem’s Muse get existential up in here as they discuss their complicated feelings following the finale of the Godzilla Anime Trilogy.

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giganticast_smallEpisode 12: SSSS.Gridman

Morgan and Geek Bombast’s John Sitton can hardly contain themselves while discussing with Matt the hit new Gridman anime by Studio Trigger!

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giganticast_smallEpisode 11: Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle Review

Matt assembles Morgan, Quinn, and Mayhem’s Muse once more to tackle the second Netflix Godzilla animated film! Will MechaGodzilla City be the fatal blow for the now all-powerful “Godzilla Earth”? Probably not. Also, we briefly discuss the trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters because WE CAN’T STOP WATCHING IT.Empty Space

giganticast_smallEpisode 10: Batman Ninja

Matt assembles the forces of Chris, Morgan, and Jeff to combine and take on the wild and weird Batman: Ninja animated film. Also, stick around for the first of Matt’s Hot Takes: Thundercats Roar!

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giganticast_smallEpisode 9: Monster Hunter World + Gintama

Join Matt and Rebekah (Peaches and Screams, Liminal Space podcast) as they wax poetic on Monsters and the Hunting thereof! Also stick around for a bonus mini-review of the live action Gintama movie with Matt, Morgan, and a Chris!

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giganticast_smallEpisode 8: Planet of the Monsters

Matt enlists the powers of Mayhem’s Muse, Quinn, and Morgan to discuss the first episode of Netflix’s new GODZILLA anime series.

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giganticast_smallEpisode 7: BEST OF 2017

Matt Frank teams up with his better half, Morgan, and with Chris Cox to try to get through his “Best of 2017” (as it relates to Giganticast-type stuff) without them getting him too off track.

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giganticast_smallEpisode 6: Shin Godzilla

Matt, Toshi, and special guest Morgan Frank jump online to discuss the Japanese version of SHIN GODZILLA after seeing it in Japan! Warning: there be spoilers!

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giganticast_smallEpisode 5: Ultraman Crash Course

Matt’s back, and this time he’s wrangled Toshi all the way from Japan to discuss the legendary Japanese superhero Ultraman! Travel from the Land of Light to the Monster Graveyard with our intrepid nerds to learn about the Hero from the Stars!

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giganticast_smallEpisode 4: Power Rangers versus Super Sentai

“Go Go Sentai Rangers!” Matt’s finally back with an episode of Giganticast! And this time, he asks you to unleash your inner 5 year old as he, John, and Amanda talked excitedly about Power Rangers and compare it to the tradition of Super Sentai!

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giganticast_smallEpisode 3: Matt’s Adventures in Tokyo

Matt Frank sits down again with Chris as a sidekick and regales him (and all of you, natch) with tales of his adventures in Tokyo. Which, of course, means lots of stories about hanging out with other famous Godzilla and Kaiju creative folks. Listen up.

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giganticast_smallEpisode 2: Gamera Pt 2

Matt Frank returns with the continuing history of that giant turtle that we all love, Gamera. Once again, Chris is there for his sounding board. Tune into Giganticast and let us know what else you’d like to see Matt talk about/interview/etc in the future.

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giganticast_smallEpisode 1: Gamera Pt 1

On our first episode, Chris sits down with Matt as he goes through the history of everyone’s favorite flying turtle, Gamera.