Giganticast Episode 2: Gamera Pt 2


Matt Frank returns with the continuing history of that giant turtle that we all love, Gamera. Once again, Chris is there for his sounding board. Tune into Giganticast and let us know what else you’d like to see Matt talk about/interview/etc in the future.


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7 thoughts on “Giganticast Episode 2: Gamera Pt 2”

  1. Re: “Gamera: Super Monster” – the lead ‘space-babe’ was played by Fumiake Watanabe, who was a pro wrestler in the mid-70’s under the name Mach Fumiake, before quitting in 1978-ish to become a pop singer and actress. I haven’t been able to find if the ‘evil space-babe’ (named Keiko Kudo) ever wrestled. I don’t know much about Japanese culture, but I do know a little about rasslin’!

    Here’s the match where Funiake wins the All Japan Women title!

  2. Finally got around to listening to this. Great stuff. I dunno if ol’ August Ragone would ever get a chance to be on here, but I’m sure you’ve already considered him. Also don’t know if your buddy Jared has any interest in it, but I always like hearing him talk about kaiju. And of course, if Jeff Zornow wants to do it, well, I don’t think you could stop him if you tried if he wanted to.

  3. Great new show! It’d be neat if instead of “episode 2: Gamera pt.2” it was just “vs Gamera pt.2”.

  4. I’d like to hear a break down and some good old fashion Matt Frank-ness on King Ghidorah and Mothra in the future.

  5. I’m just gonna say it: ULTRAMAN!! YOU NEED TO TALK ABOUT ULTRAMAN!! It’s such a huge thing in the kaiju circuit and so few people in the west know what it is. I know it’s a tall order to talk about Ultraman, but it would be interesting. If you talk about Godzilla more, which I guess you will, I think at some point you have to go into the best and worst Godzilla monsters. Lord knows THAT will take a while to discuss. Also, I don’t know if you know them, but if you could talk with other people that have worked on Godzilla comics, like James Stokoe, then they would be interesting to talk to. REALLY loved this. Keep it going Matt. I love listening to you talk Kaiju.

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