Giganticast Ep 1: Gamera Pt 1


By now you all have to be familiar with Matt Frank, right? Comic book artist superstar for all things Godzilla, Kaiju and what have you. Well, we just think of him as one of our favorite people so we gave him his own podcast to do whatever with he pleased and he, unsurprisingly, came up with Giganticast!

Our first episode, Chris sits down with Matt as he goes through the history of everyone’s favorite flying turtle, Gamera.

8 thoughts on “Giganticast Ep 1: Gamera Pt 1”

  1. Interesting show, looking forward to hear what’s coming up.

    On my DVD shelf I have 4 Gamera sets, 3 of which have just the first 6 movies (all of which you talked about), and the fourth has the first 8 and the three 90’s movies. I haven’t had the time to crack open the ‘big’ set yet.

    (I bought two of the sets, and the others were gifts because ‘I like that sort of movie’)

    Surprised that you didn’t mention that “Gamera vs. Jiger” (aka. Gamera vs. Monster X, probably the US title) featured a ton of footage from the 1970 World’s Fair, held in Osaka, Japan!

    1. Thanks for listening! Future shows will be better researched 😉
      The World’s Fair was mentioned, but I couldn’t recall the details – thanks though!

      1. You’re right, you did (I listened again). I just remember that the movie kept going back to the footage… I was wondering if the organizers had financially backed the movie.

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