Giganticast Episode 4: Power Rangers versus Super Sentai


“Go Go Sentai Rangers!” Matt’s finally back with an episode of Giganticast! And this time, he asks you to unleash your inner 5 year old as he, John, and Amanda talked excitedly about Power Rangers and compare it to the tradition of Super Sentai!

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3 thoughts on “Giganticast Episode 4: Power Rangers versus Super Sentai”

  1. Do Kamen rider someday!

    Favorite sentai teams are the Go-busters and Gokaigers. Probably because that was how I got introduced to the series. Go-Buster also has some of the best mecha scenes in a series.

    Gokaigers has one of my favorite teams and the best yellow.

  2. El Pollo Guerrera

    Y’know, you should hold off talking about Godzilla until the last show, the final episode… if you ever find out that your podcast is being cancelled (and let’s hope not, because it’s lots of fun). Have it like the final LEOG, where everyone who has been on the show gathers and drinks heavily.

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