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SXSW 2015

Infestation-SxSW-CarouselInfestation SxSW 2015!

The Us will be on the ground as once again Austin, Texas is invaded by the mulch-tentacled beast that is South-by-Southwest!  We’ll be doing street reports, sharing photos, and of course, posting podcast film reviews. We know we have a regular Infestation page, but we thought we’d make it easy for you to follow just this year’s SxSW coverage. Check back here to observe from afar as the infestation takes over!
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PA_OoU_lgTop 5 Films From SXSW 2015

Traveling all the way from Tallahassee, Florida, Thomas Mariani reviews his five favorite films from SXSW.

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PA_OoU_lgDiva Del Mar SXSW Review: Excess Flesh

Diva Del Mar reviews Patrick Kennelly’s brutal new film, Excess Flesh.

Jill is obsessed with her new roommate Jennifer, a promiscuous and sexy hotshot in the LA Fashion scene. New to the city and recently single, Jill is unable to keep up as she binges and purges to stay thin; eventually hating herself and everyone around her. Her jealousy and rage spiral out of control — Jennifer has everything, and Jill wants to be just like her. If Jill can’t BE Jennifer, she must destroy her.

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PA_OoU_lgInfestation: SXSW Part 3

It’s all done, the airports are clogged with our visitors wearily making their way home, but has one last post to do about the films we watched this year at SXSW.

This time Brian and Chris are joined by Ashley Moreno as they slug down beers in preparation for the awesome majesty of a Karaoke Apocalypse show…but first, we talk lots of movies.

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PA_OoU_lgDiva Del Mar SXSW Review: We Are Still Here

Diva Del Mar reviews Ted Geoghegan’s terrifying horror film, We Are Still Here.

In the cold, wintery fields of New England, a lonely old house wakes up every thirty years – and demands a sacrifice.

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PA_OoU_lgInfestation Interview: ‘We Are Still Here’ Writer/Director Ted Geoghegan

We Are Still Here is unquestionably one of the best films showing at SXSW this year. Now we may be biased considering we do so love great horror flicks, but first time director Ted Geoghegan truly hit a home run with his inaugural effort behind the camera.

I sat down with Mr. Geoghegan to talk about the trend of film promotion opening the door to film production, the importance of practical gore, and the Lucio Fulci influences for We Are Still Here.

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PA_OoU_lgInfestation: SXSW 2015 Part 2

Standing on top of the world, or at least the Alamo Drafthouse parking garage, we bring you Part 2 of our epic SXSW coverage!

Brian and Chris are joined by J.C., OOU editor Thomas Mariani and We’re Alive creator KC Wayland to deliver a big auditory whiff of the strange of poporui that they have colelctively watched over the last few days. Yes, we’re aware of how many senses that last sentence engaged. So engage your sense of touch by clicking “download” and get ready for Phase 2 of this growing OneOfUs Infestation of SXSW!

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PA_OoU_lgGet Hard (At SXSW)

Get Hard is the latest Kevin Hart comedy in which he plays a guy mistaken for an ex-con by a racist, NERF-y finance executive. Playing that finance guy, and serving as the obligatory juxtaposition to Hart, is Will Ferrell. The two of them together should have been a recipe for tasty comedy stew. But alas, something went terribly wrong in that kitchen.

Brian and Chris take to the rooftops of Austin to record this highly special Highly Suspect review of Get Hard. Hey, that title also sounds like what happens when a man gets an erection…I just got that.

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PA_OoU_lgOn A Positive Note: Boo On Negative Reviews

Are negative film reviews even necessary? Busy covering the films of SXSW, One Of Us Net’s Diva Del Mar discusses the subject.

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PA_OoU_lgBrad’s SXSW Genre Roundup Extravaganza!

Brad Henderson has traveled to the Movie Mecca that is Austin, TX for their yearly SXSW Film Festival.

There was a healthy genre representation this year, so he rounds up his favorite flicks of the festival. Including: We Are Still Here, The Corpse Of Anna Fritz, Deathgasm, Nina Forever, and The Invitation.

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Diva Del Mar SXSW Review: Ava’s Possessions

One Of Us Net’s Diva Del Mar reviews the dark-comedy, Ava’s Possessions.

After undergoing an exorcism, a young woman enrolls in an “AA” program for those who have suffered demonic possession.

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 Infestation: SXSW 2015 Part 1

Get ready for your first official SXSW report from your OneOfUs crew; always in the trenches and under the influence! Brian and Chris are joined by We’re Alive creator KC Wayland to record a capsule review of the films that have seen so far at this leviathan film fest.

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Furious 7 (SXSW)

Here now, recorded live from SXSW is our Highly Suspect Review of one of the year’s most anticipated movies. If you aren’t already of a fan of this franchise, you may not find much to like here. But for all you Fasties out there (we need a better name), this is pure gasoline candy.

Brian, Chris, and J.C. are joined by special guests Kyle Scott, our editor Thomas Mariani, and We’re Alive creator KC Wayland to talk about why Furious 7 got them all revved up.

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Diva Del Mar SXSW Review: The Boy

Starting off our coverage for SXSW is One Of Us Net’s Diva Del Mar, who reviews the psychological thriller, The Boy.

Director Craig William Macneill provides an intimate portrait of a 9-year-old sociopath’s growing fascination with death.

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