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Highly Suspect Reviews: ‘Get Hard’ (At SXSW)

As we mentioned before, SXSW Film Festival is not only a showcase for great independent and foreign gems, but also occasionally a stage on which Hollywood premieres its big upcoming titles. This very much worked in our favor when we got to see Furious 7 last week…but it also means we watched Get Hard. Frankly, I would have rather watched that documentary about people stealing eggs.

Get Hard is the latest Kevin Hart comedy in which he plays a guy mistaken for an ex-con by a racist, NERF-y finance executive. Playing that finance guy, and serving as the obligatory juxtaposition to Hart, is Will Ferrell. The two of them together should have been a recipe for tasty comedy stew. But alas, something went terribly wrong in that kitchen.

Brian and Chris take to the rooftops of Austin to record this highly special Highly Suspect review of Get Hard. Hey, that title also sounds like what happens when a man gets an erection…I just got that.

Empty Space

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