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The Pre-Weekend Recap: October 25, 2013

0 Submitted by on Fri, 25 October 2013, 16:00
Welcome to the Pre-Weekend Recap for the week of October 25, 2013! Did school or work prevent you from sitting around listening to podcasts and reading geeky articles all day? Never fear, the Pre-Weekend Recap is here to help! Below you’ll find a brief highlight reel of some of the cool stories and features the One of Us crew presented Continue Reading...
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The Die Cast: City of Horror, or How to be a Backstabbing Bastard in the Zombie Apocalypse

2 Submitted by on Thu, 24 October 2013, 19:00
Many games claim to be horror games, but City of Horror may be the most horrifying game you’ll ever play. Not because of the hordes of zombies threatening to tear your group of survivors to pieces, but because you and everyone at the table will do everything in your power to keep your team alive…even if it means stabbing you Continue Reading...
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Chairman of the Board: The Traitor Among Us

0 Submitted by on Tue, 22 October 2013, 16:00
Someone at the table is lying to me. The game is Shadows Over Camelot and things are looking hairy. We heroic Knights of the Round Table already have our hands full try to halt invading armies, retrieve Excalibur and seek out the Holy Grail, but another more insidious problem has arisen. One of us is a traitor. While we valiantly Continue Reading...
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The Die Cast: Fantastic Fest Tabletop Marathon

13 Submitted by on Thu, 17 October 2013, 16:48
Hello, all. Your Chairman here. Fantastic Fest is a negative experience for anyone who hates great movies, good company, delicious food, copious amounts of alcohol, amateur boxing, karaoke and other things that are amazing. In between all of the awesome, we still found time to carve out some precious tabletop gaming time! As a matter of fact, OneOfUs.Net hosted a Continue Reading...
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4 Submitted by on Tue, 17 September 2013, 17:14
(Welcome to The Pantheon, Chairman of the Board’s irregular series about the best games of all time. If it’s in the pantheon, you should own it.) Let’s forgo any fluffy opening statements and get right to the point because I respect you and don’t want to waste your time: Cosmic Encounter is the greatest board game of all time. That’s Continue Reading...
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Chairman of the Board: Zombie Invasion

14 Submitted by on Mon, 26 August 2013, 14:17
Zombies are everywhere and there’s nothing we can do to stop them. Of course, by zombies, I mean “shows, movies, games and a paraphernalia related to the flesh-munching undead.” What was once a niche horror subgenre has become commonplace. The success of The Walking Dead has has pulled zombies kicking and screaming into the mainstream. Films like World War Z Continue Reading...
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Chairman of the Board: What a Fiasco

0 Submitted by on Wed, 21 August 2013, 14:20
It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. My bumbling but stone-cold-evil ship captain was supposed to cross the Atlantic without a hitch. Brian’s simple-minded saboteur was supposed to sink the ship in act of petty vengeance. Chris’ eccentric detective was supposed to track down that mystical dagger that’s gone missing. And Toni…well, I’m not sure what Toni’s original plans were, Continue Reading...
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Space Operas in the Kitchen: An Evening of Twilight Imperium

26 Submitted by on Mon, 12 August 2013, 12:18
My table buckles underneath the weight of an entire galaxy. Supernovas. Nebulas. Ion storms. Dozens of planets. And spaceships. Lots of spaceships. Whole fleets of them, each of them in a shaky alliance with their neighbors…or at total war. At the center of it all is Mecatol Rex, the capital of this war-torn slice of the universe, the home of Continue Reading...
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Chairman Of The Board: Board Games Are Amazing (And Here’s What You Need to Know)

22 Submitted by on Mon, 05 August 2013, 13:04
Board games are amazing. More specifically, board games are amazing and they have never been more amazing than they are right now. While the video game community finds itself embroiled in a loud and ugly war over DRM and Hollywood struggles to do anything right, the world of tabletop gaming has been moving in some pretty profound directions. Board gaming Continue Reading...
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