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The Die Cast: Fantastic Fest Tabletop Marathon

Hello, all. Your Chairman here.

Fantastic Fest is a negative experience for anyone who hates great movies, good company, delicious food, copious amounts of alcohol, amateur boxing, karaoke and other things that are amazing.

In between all of the awesome, we still found time to carve out some precious tabletop gaming time! As a matter of fact, OneOfUs.Net hosted a nearly three-hour board game marathon during the festival.

Join the Us and special guest Max Isaacson, director of Fantastic Fest short film Whispers, as we sit down to discuss the best of the fest while engaging in some of the best casual games out there right now.

Here’s what we played…


Brian, Max, and myself started with a game of Zombie Dice (0:55 )

IMG_0390              IMG_0380

IMG_0374  IMG_0382

We followed that up with a zen-full game of Tsuro (37:35)

IMG_0393  IMG_0397

IMG_0400  IMG_0405

Then entered the fray Christopher Lawrence Cox for a second round of ZD (77:05)

IMG_0387  IMG_0372

We were then joined by Luke Mullen and played a rousing, and underhanded game of Resistance (84:31)

Resistance Game  Resistance Game 2

Closing things out, Max, Brian and I laugh in spite of the pain we inflict upon our respective families in the blackly comedic card game Gloom (112:16)

IMG_0426 IMG_0425 IMG_0427

IMG_0421        IMG_0417

Thanks to our guest, filmmaker Max Isaacson. Follow Max on Twitter. & Check out his website!