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Screener Squad: So Vam

So Vam Movie Review


When a Shudder movie starts with a trigger warning, you know you’re in for… an indie LGBTQ+ drama with vampires? Kurt (Xai) can’t wait to run away and become a famous drag performer. But, he’s stuck in some part of Adelaide, South Australia (which, admittedly, has a checkered past regarding LGBTQ+ rights) in which open hostility to the LGBTQ+ community seems acceptable. Kurt falls victim to an older vampire who dresses like a cowboy pimp, and is rescued by a pack of younger-looking vampires. Using his new-found, albeit unclear, vampiric powers, Kurt and his new friends exact vengeance on bullies and bigots, and fight off the minions of the vampire that killed him. Wright leads his own vampire squad – Ben and Lewayne – into Kurt’s neon-drenched world of drag queens, bloodsuckers, and invisible brothers in the Shudder flick, So Vam. The guys hang around their cave, sipping O+ and talking about whether So Vam is the next big thing in LGBTQ+ horror, or if it just sucks, and should have a stake driven into its heart.


DIRECTED BY: Alice Maio Mackay

STARRING: Chris Asimos, Emma Bleby, Jessica Burgess, Brendan Cooney, Vincent Donato, Molly Ferguson, Patty Glavieux, Grace Hyland, Iris Mcerlean, Tumelo Nthupi, Benjamin Putnam, Xai




” width=Wright Sulek (Screener Squad, Digital Noise, Highly Suspect Reviews, Trash in the Can, Audio Editor)

Wright hails from the northern suburbs of Dallas, Texas. His passion for filmmaking brought him to Austin to study and make movies. Since then he’s had his hand in acting, writing, and directing his own short films with numerous like-minded film geeks he’s met along his journey. His newest interest has brought him into the podcasting world. He co-hosted a few different movie related podcasts such as ‘And Now This’ and ‘The Match Cut’. He currently co-hosts with longtime friend, Eric Samaniego, where they talk shop about the grimiest, trashiest, lost gems of movies on their show, ‘Trash in the Can’. Wright also guests and hosts reviews on Screener Squad and Highly Suspect Reviews as well as co-hosts Digital Noise with Chris Cox.



Ben Glasthal (Highly Suspect Review, Screener Squad, Breakfast Pub, Unstabletop Gamers, Video and Audio Editor)

Born in Boston, then ending up in Dallas, Texas in the early 2000s, Ben has always had a passion for film. He started in film school not long after where he launched where he still writes reviews to this day. He’s since moved to Austin where he has been also hopping on podcasts and both editing and shooting videos for One of Us. A fan of films from almost all genres, and many that predate him more than makes sense, he is anything if not eclectic in what he’s watching at any point. For the rest of his free time, he can be found biking, drinking craft beer, being an amateur photographer, and playing video games by himself or on Twitch. He’s best found on Instagram or Twitter as @MovieReelBen.



Lewayne White (Screener Squad)

Lewayne’s earliest memories are of watching movies and reading comics, which instilled in him a sense of wonder, a vivid imagination, and unrealistic expectations. It also means he spends a lot of time watching movies, writing scripts for them, and trying to get them made. He lives in the middle of middle America after landing there as a child, and has remained there mainly because he hates packing.



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