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Screener Squad: Fresh

Fresh Movie Review


The horrors of online and app dating are well documented in films. So, when T.C., Matt, Alan, and Drew sat down for a lovely meal to discuss this new offering from Hulu, none of them were quite sure what to expect. Much like a Tinder profile, the trailer didn’t reveal enough to form a full idea of what exactly the Squad was going to get. Would it be romantic? Weird? Cute? Or, with the subtle hints given in sexy, flashing images, would there be a thrilling night in our futures? What is served up here, with Mimi Cave’s directorial debut, ended up surprising the whole gang. Fresh shows us the horrors of modern dating seen through one young woman’s defiant battle to survive her new boyfriend’s unusual desires. This satirical black comedy thriller gives us Daisy Edgar-Jones as Noa, a young woman trying her hand at online dating, who has become increasingly disillusioned with dates due to the men she interacts with not having general decency. One day at the supermarket, a man named Steve (The Winter Solider‘s Sebastian Stan) flirts with her and they exchange numbers. The two quickly hit it off and a wonderful, cute relationship begins. A white girl’s fantasy come true, right? It’s practically impossible to talk about the twists and turns in the movie without spoiling it, so what the Squad offers here is a spoiler-free review followed by a frank discussion on everything the movie has to offer. Do the guys swipe left or right on Fresh? Well, they don’t kiss and tell… except they totally do.



STARRING: Daisy Edgar-Jones, Sebastian Stan, Jonica T. Gibbs, Charlotte Le Bon, Dayo Okeniyi, Andrea Bang, Brett Dier




T.C. De Witt (Screener Squad)

T.C. De Witt is a multi-awarded writer/director originally from Wisconsin and now based in Los Angeles. His life has been devoted to the arts since he was a child. He’s been a stage performer, playwright, stand-up comic, film and television actor, radio DJ, podcaster published author, recorded musician, and comic writer/illustrator. He is now a professional screenwriter and has been thriving for the past decade, regularly offering his talents to production studios in LA, Chicago, Milwaukee, and internationally in Sydney and Poland. He’s provided content for Amazon Prime, Netflix, and several YouTube partners. His films have screened internationally, and his stageplays have been performed across the country. In the last ten years, he has directed 57 films, 23 episodes of his series The One Minute Rewatch, 300+ episodes of podcasts, and his multi-award-winning short film Screen: Righter screened at the Festival de Cannes in 2016. He has released two feature films, The Princess Knight and A Christmas Sunset. He thrives on collaboration and the thrill of sharing stories in all forms.



Matt Foster (Screener Squad)

Matt Foster is a stand up comic, podcaster, and movie critic currently living in the greater Salt Lake City area. His lifelong love of genre film began early, when he realized they freaked out his mom. He performs (epidemics permitting) regularly on Dungeons and Comedy, a DND live play with standup comedians, and is the slightly less mustache-y half of the Nighthawks Podcast, a cinema-centric discussion cohosted by Trevor T. Trujillo.




Chris HAlan Galinsky (Highly Suspect Reviews, Screener Squad, Deliberations of Doom)

Born and raised in Texas, Alan Galinsky is a lifetime movie fan. As a youth, he would rent multiple movies every weekend and go to the theater for the latest releases, and that pace has remained steady. When Alan isn’t watching movies, you can find him talking about movies. When he’s not talking about movies, you can find him playing music in the band Delicate Boys.



” width=Drew Tinnin (Screener Squad, Highly Suspect Reviews, Deliberations of Doom)

Drew Tinnin is a Rondo Award nominated interviewer and critic who has worked at SiriusXM’s Fangoria Radio and Fangoria magazine in NYC, as well as the London-based Dazed Digital. Currently a regular contributor to the Dread Central Network, he’s excited to join up with some old friends and other film fans on One of Us as a new contributor to Screener Squad.



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