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Screener Squad: House of Hummingbird

House of Humminbird Movie Review


Growing up is hard no matter where you come from. Or when. Back in the days of pagers and cassette tapes, fourteen-year-old Eun-hee (Park Ji-hoo) does what she can to flit through life despite abusive siblings, apathetic parents, and reductive boyfriends. Her Chinese teacher, Young-ji (Kim Sae-byuk), is her only source of calm in an otherwise chaotic world. And then the Seongsu Bridge collapses. Here is Mindy, Hunter, Jordan, and Santiago’s review as they discuss all that flies and all that falls in this touching Korean coming-of-age drama.



STARRING: Park Ji-hoo, Kim Sae-byuk, Jung In-gi, Lee Seung-yeon, Park Soo-yeon, Son Sang-yeon, Park Seo-yoon, Jung Yoon-seo, Seol Hye-in, Hyung Young-seon, Gil Hae-yeon, Park Yoon-hee, Son Yong-beom, Ahn Jin hyun

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