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Screener Squad: Warning: Do Not Play

Warning Do Not Play Movie Review


You’re a filmmaker trying so desperately to come up with something that doesn’t stick you with the ‘sophomore slump’ label, you’re reaching for anything. Then you hear of a legend of a college student who submitted a film that caused panic and death at its one and only screening. A film that the director, whereabouts now unknown, claimed was directed not by him, but by a ghost. Sounds like good stuff, right? I know I’d chase it down. But, I’m THAT guy in a horror movie you get mad at. The Korean film “Warning: Do Not Play” ends up being more than what it initially appears to be (the ghost with long hair looking for vengeance/the forbidden media you must not watch) and finds some new and somewhat meta avenues to play with familiar tropes, but not in a funny way. Listen to Chris, Matt, Adrian, and Lewayne break it down for you.


DIRECTED BY: Kim Jin-won

STARRING: Narendra Singh Dhami, Ye-ji Seo, Seon-kyu Jin, Bo-ra Kim, Cha Yub, Yoon-ho Ji, Jae-Young Joe, Mi-kyung Kim, Kim Jae-In

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