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Screener Squad: The King – Eternal Monarch

The King: Eternal Monarch TV series review


Something is rotten in the Kingdom of Corea. When the father of Prince Lee Gon is murdered by his uncle, the prince is saved by a mysterious hooded figure who leaves behind the police ID of a Detective Jung Tae-eul…from twenty-five years in the future. As he grows up, the now King Lee Gon discovers he can pass through a gated portal with the help of part of a magic flute his uncle left behind. He winds up in the Republic of Korea, and who should he happen to meet when he gets there? Why, Detective Jung Tae-eul. An unlikely romance slowly blossoms between king and policewoman as they discover that the traitorous uncle is now lurking in the Republic, too, and is still ever plotting to take back his flute and seize Corea’s throne. Aaron, Harmoni, Mindy, and Jennifer review this epic (and we mean EPIC) South Korean romantic-fantasy. So saddle up your white horse, get some product placement fried chicken, and catch their review here.


CREATED BY: Kim Eun-sook

STARRING: Lee Min-ho, Jung Hyeon-jun, Kim Go-eun, Kim Si-woo, Woo Do-hwan, Jung Si-yul, Kim Kyung-nam, Moon Woo-jin, Jung Eun-chae, Shin Soo-yeon, Lee Jung-jin

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